Sunday, November 7, 2010

More on Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Set - Where is the ring and Cullen Crest Cuff?

Earlier I posted about where Edward's ring and Cullen Crest Cuff was in the filming. It seems Edward may have his ring on, the photos aren't clear, but the cuff is not there. Perhaps it isn't needed, he took it off, or it was overlooked or will be added later?

Lexicon writes:

A debate arose on Twitter last night as to rings and cuffs. Edward is clearly not wearing the wrist cuff, though as Alison from Twifans pointed out “it’s not exactly wedding attire” other have suggested he may have removed it now that he is with Bella, or maybe it just isn’t in the shot.

Here is the alleged ring shot - I know Bella has one, Edward, it is tough to tell....

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