Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life Unexpected and Melrose Place's Shaun Sipos

Shaun Sipos, total hottie, makes Life Unexpected so much more enjoyable to watch.

Sure Kerr Smith as Ryan, reminds me of old school Dawson's Creek. Then there is Austin Basis and Reggie Austin as the side kicks to Kristoffer Polaha's character Baze, who is a total hottie... but Shaun Sipos is just my cup of tea.

I loved him on Melrose, which I was so upset got cancelled, and now I get my weekly dose of him as the very sweet Eric Daniels on Life Unexpected.

What's even more awesome, he is CANADIAN!! Local!!! LOVE IT!

Anyways, I just had to share this hottie with some of you who may be missing out!!

Watch Life Unexpected and check out Shaun Sipos - rawr!

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