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HARRY POTTER and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Review

I went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathyl Hallows at midnight, because, let's face it, all real fans go at midnight ;)

Overall, I LOVED IT!

I laughed, I cried, I jumped in my seat, there was just so much greatness in this movie.

They split it at the exact moment that they should have. I had lost all track of time and just started recovering from an emotional part in the film when BAM something happened and I froze knowing it was the end - BAM credits... gah!! I want More!!!

Are they seriously going to make us wait for Part 2? Completely unfair!

I have so much more to say but there will be spoilers so do not read on unless you have seen the movie...


OK, let's get into specifics...

First, the chemistry is amazing. At this point, you would expect so, but Harry, Ron, Hermoine are so great together, and Rupert Grint made me laugh and connect... I felt his emotions, which is shocking! I can't believe how old they are, I mean you can see Daniel Radcliffe's 5 o'clock shadow! It's creepy watching the old films, they were such babies and now... they are old....

I wasn't comfortable with Harry and Hermoine parts. First of all, when Ron leaves, Hermoinei s sad. Harry tries to cheer her up and it seems awkward at first. They get close, the prepare to dance, it's almost too intimate.... then, luckily, Harry starts to shimmy and it immediately becomes funny and friendly and perfect. I get they are close, but ROn's fear that they are "closer" than just friends is perpetuated inthe viewers eyes by about 5 seconds of "oh my god no..."

Later, (again if you haven't seen it I will make this broad enough to not spoil it, but if you have seen it you know exactly what I am talking about).... there is a "vision" Ron has that involves Harry and Hermoine and they are all sparkly and creepy and that entire clip was just so wrong. I felt sick ha ha. I get it's purpose, but it was really uncomfortable to watch. I mean everyone sees Harry and Hermoine as sibling like and so any hints at romance seems gross right?

Anyone else?

I loved the effects, the flashbacks, I am anxious to see it on IMAX, I feel that like Eclipse, it won't fair as well on IMAX because of the fast flashes and action. This may make it difficult to catch everything on such a large screen, however, as you will know if you follow my blog and read my Eclipse IMAX review, I love sceneic landscapes on IMAX and Deathly Hallows has quite a few of these scenes which will play out very beautifully on IMAX i think!

I will see IMAX next weekend after going to the Harry Potter Exhbition in Seattle *squee*

OK, more bits and pieces from me...

I wanted more Draco and more Snape. Part 2.... can't wait!

It was strange seeing so much Voldemort. I guess at this stage, we need do, but he was talking and so much more human-like... which, again, is good as far as plot and so on, but it just took me a moment to adjust.

Loved seeing the photo of Jamie Campbell Bower as Gellert Grindelwald. Can't wait for more.

Clémence Poésy as Fleur DelaCour was cool because I FINALLY put two and two together and realized she was Eva from Gossip Girl!

Loved Harmoine's wardrobe.

Enjoyed the subtle changes int he film to keep the movie going, mostly minor, mostly won't effect overall plot. As you may recall from my Dear John Review, when books to movies make stupid changes I flip out... these changes are not drastic and they work well.

I loved the PolyJuice (the Potion that you drink to look like someone else) It was used well in the opening of the film, which was hilarious to see all the Harry's... half naked ha ha and again when the three go into the Minsitry. I especially loved Ron's kiss - - - that's all I will say.

The Weasly Twins are awesome, always and awesome meeting Bill Weasley finally...

I liked that they clearly explained the Deathly Hallows and told the story of the Three Brothers. I do wish they got into the Horcruxes a bit more but I guess that focus will be in the next part.

The Patronus was awesome and I imagine they will do a flash back to that scene when it is addressed in Part 2 if you know what I am saying ;)

What am I missing??? So much greatness!!

What did you all think?

I can't wait to see it again!!!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't think ron's vision was awkward at all! In fact i found it so believable which shows their chemistry and how comfortable they are with one another, it only made me wish they got together in the film more!