Sunday, November 14, 2010

PANICO TV Breaks into Isle of Esme House in Paraty Brazil - Video

As my blog readers know - I post whatever is out there, and it doesn't mean I agree with it (remember the "elevator" video of Rob & Kristen? ya ya it was "bad" but I posted it...)

Anyhow, this is one of those times where people will totally disagree with what happened, but it is still unbelievable to watch!

Basically this team broke into the "Isle of Esme Honeymoon House" DURING FILMING!!!!!!!!!!!!


They saw some interesting bits:

***Videos removed from youtube - I have no idea if/where more are on the internet**

Apparently the show is a horrible comedy type thing and they do wild and crazy things for kicks... well... this is wild and crazy and may cost them a law suit?

Anyways - love it or hate it, here it is - make your choice to view or not.



Anonymous said...

Well, the videos are gone, as they should be. This is an embarrassment to the "security" that they're supposed to have. It's nice to see that the billions of $$$ that Summit has made from their cash cows isn't going to actually protect their cash cows. Time to delete post, eh?

Mandy's Mind said...

Anonymous, yes it is an embarassment to the "security" that they're supposed to have. Truly pathetic handling of talent by the production company! Summit needs to re-evaulate their "team" for sure!

lily said...

It crazy how easy they got into the house. I agree mandy. On the other side isnt bella supposed to be in sexy outfits . Not tee and I guess will see. I cant stand that waits so long...