Sunday, November 14, 2010

Walking Dead on AMC

A Zombie Apocolypse...

Am I the only one watching this? I know I can't be... it's an original series from AMC based on the comic book and tonight was it's third episode... I love it!

From the stereotypical characters, to undead zombies taking over, to the groteqsue blood, guts and gore......I love it.

Lying, cheating whores of wives who are banging their sherrif husbands best-friend slash jerk deputy assistant, bonded blonde sisters who would do anything for each other and red-neck-white trash left to fend for themselves after one too many racist remarks to the black man.

It has a shit-mix of people thrown into a group trying to survive.

I want to be an extra in this show. The zombies make-up is amazing!!!

Last week they covered themselves in zombie guts to hide their "alive" smell and walk amongst the undead.... which worked temporarily, til the rain began to rinse off the "dead" smell....

There are so many gems in this show.. if you don't mind the gore (I love it) then, I suggest checking it out!

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wig4usc said...

My husband and I are TOTALLY hooked! I have to look away at some of the gore, and I cried when the poor horse met his zombie doom.

But its a fantastic show, we're totally with you!They have a contest to be a zombie extra, you have to enter!! Good luck!