Monday, July 25, 2011

BB13 Updates July 25, 2011 at 1am

Spoilers - so don't click more if you don't want to be spoiled...


Live Feeds are so ahead of the television show....

Rachel nominated Dominic and Adam, Brendon won the POV but didn't use it.

Dom threw the veto because he was told he would be safe - but he is not.

Dani, in an effort to protect Dom(?!?!) Started pushing to Backdoor Jeff.

This news got back to Jeff and the vets alliance has been rocky ever since.

My interpretation of how things atand right now are as follows:

Dom goes home - though it might be close.
Jeff, Jordan, Brenchel plan to get rid of Dani - but they are pretending to still include her in the alliance for now....

It is tough to say things change quickly.... starting this week HoH everyone can play and it seems nominations won't be paired anymore - though there will be a new twist and we do not know what it is - yet!

My wish for this "new twist" that will "change the game" is this.... all golden key holders have the option to use their key to open a "pandora's box" type door... behind it may lie good or bad.... maybe prizes or punishment... (money, gifts, slop, or a returning houseguest?!?!)

Another rumour is that the golden keys will all be a team...

who knows.

Live Feeds are fun - but addicting!

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