Friday, July 29, 2011

BB13 Updates July 29

Thursday night DOm was sent packing and an endurance HoH began... I watched on live feed to see who won and today who was nominated.... spoilers after the cut - you have been warned


Adam fell off first and opened a snowball to be awarded an elf suit. It is actually really cute on him - he looks like one of Santa's helpers! Ears, bells, a hat, it is funny!

Lawon fell off next and got a Have-Not Pass.

Brendon fell off next (yup! tee hee!) and got a Have-Not Pass.

Jeff fell off next and got $10k - woot!

Jordan fell off next and got a Have-Not Pass.

Porsche fell off next.

Shelly fell off next.

Then Kalia and Dani made a deal - a dumb deal.... Kalia will never win anything... Dani should have let Kalia win this one - because she doesn't know what next comp will be and NOW Dani can't compete in it...

Yes, Dani won HOH!

Got her HOH room - awwwwkwarddd! After the house fight, some of which was aired Thursday evening. It was lame seeing them all, not even TRY to seem interested in her HOH room - also Dani refused to read her letter from home out loud!

Anyways, Kalia was all up in Dani's grill - new besties... Lawon is parading around in the HOH Robe, the vets are debating how the throw down will go and Shelly is listening and floating around cleaning.

Jingle Bells - Adam's elf suit really is cute!

Anyways, today was nominations and Dani put up Brendan and Rachel.

Here is how I hope it plays out from here:

#1 Option - no veto used
#2 - if veto is used Rachel comes off, Brendan goes home (whichmay mean putting Jordan up since no one will vote her out?! Too risky?!?!)

I want Brendan gone because I predict there will be an America's vote to bring back a HG.

Noone wants Keith, Cassi would be fun but I think Dom leads the votes to return based on the three gone... however, if a vet or a likable person leaves this week - then Dom wouldn't be voted back in, the new likable vet would...

Jeff or Jordan - America loves and would vote in over Dom.
Rachel - America loves to hate and MAY vote back in over DOm
Brendan - no one likes and Dom would probably be voted in before he was

Lawon, Kalia, Porsche, Shelly - would also stay gone over Dom, but I don't think Dani would nominate any of them as replacements - who knows!

Brenchel is all dramatic - I may not see my fiance alll summmer wah wah wah


Not a Fan!

So that is what happened - what do you think????

I can't wait for Thursday's eviction and new HOH and TWIST!! I may be out of town so I will be anxious to see results!

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