Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Brother House Guests - Where are they Now?

After learning recently that Matty McDonald was in jail because of drug sales with fellow bb9 houseguest Adam J, I began to wonder - where are the past house guests from Big Brother?

This was posted December 2010 so it is outdated but pretty good.

Big Brother, CBS' voyeuristic summertime reality show, has seen many houseguests come and go during its 12 seasons. But where are they now? Here's an update on some of the most memorable Big Brother houseguests of all time.

Marcellas Reynolds (Big Brother 3, 2002). He made the biggest gaffe in Big Brother history- not using the Power of Veto to save himself, resulting in his own elimination. He returned to BB for the Season 7 All-Stars edition (a decision he tells Fancast he now regrets) and later landed correspondent gigs on The Style Network. He's appeared on shows like Shop Like a Star, The Tyra Banks Show and Geraldo At Large and also works as a model, an actor and a stylist. Marcellas' trusting heart may have lost him Big Brother, but he's managed to extend his BB fame surprisingly long.

Jerry MacDonald (Big Brother 10, 2008). He was the oldest contestant ever on the show and he wore his pants hiked up like Fred Mertz. But a Grandpa type he was not. Jerry got into it with several people on Season 10, dubbing fellow housemate Dan a "Judas" and telling him to "burn in hell". Now 77 years old, Jerry is caring for his wife of 54 years , who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd (Big Brother 11, 2009). The Big Brother Season 11 showmance couple flirted their way into the winner's circle (Jordan won the BB 11 $500,000 dollar prize) and continued their real life romance outside of the house. They teamed up in 2010 for CBS' Amazing Race and Schroeder told People , "The show made us a stronger couple."

Evel Dick Donato (Big Brother 8, 2007). He beat out his own daughter for the half million dollar Big Brother grand prize, but he managed to spoil her anyway (a trip to Europe and a new car).Still, Dick was definitely the villain during his season of the show, causing fights and spewing profanities at just about all of his housemates. Since pocketing the Big Brother prize, Evel Dick landed an acting gig in the movie GPS as- you guessed it- the villain.

Dr. Will Kirby (Big Brother 2, 2001). His Chilltown alliance with pal Mike "Boogie" was legendary and dermatologist Dr. Will went on to win the second season of Big Brother. Since then he's been no stranger to television, juggling his dermatology practice with appearances on Extra,The Young and the Restless and Dr. 90210. He is also the medical director of a laser tattoo removal service, Dr. Tattoff

Mike" Boogie" Malin (Big Brother 2, 2001). He didn't win his original season of Big Brother, but Mike "Boogie" went on to win the All-Stars edition. After BB he teamed up with his Chilltown partner in crime, Dr. Will Kirby, to form The Dolce restaurant group and laser tattoo removal business, Dr. Tattoff.

Janelle Pierzina (Big Brother 6, 2005). The former actress and model returned to the Big Brother fold a few times after her season- once for the All-Stars season and later to host a Power of Veto competition during Season 8 and a food competition in Season 10. With all that TV face time, it's hard to believe Janelle has seemingly settled down for a normal life, working as a real state agent and marrying in June, 2010.

Kaysar Ridha (Big Brother 6, 2005). One of the most popular contestants ever on the show, Kaysar was voted back into the Big Brother house by America a during his season. He's been spotted on a few TV guest spots since his BB days (The Young and the Restless, Reality Obsessed) but other than that, Kaysar seems to have faded from the television spotlight. Maybe this is one reality TV star who was smart enough to know when his 15 minutes of fame were up.

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