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Reality TV Updates - July 26, 2011

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I have to say, I was shocked that Constantine lasted as long as he did, so was not surprised he would be going. I was surprised on HOW he went home. I am glad he was honest, and also glad Ashley had to rethink this whole "I am the Bachelorette" thing - I am not a huge fan of hers, in case you couldn't tell from past posts. I still think she will end up with JP, though I want her to be with Ben. I think it is a better fit and I really want to see JP as a Bachelor in the future.

Speaking of future Bachelors, that clip of Ryan on Bachelorette Monday sure sounded like an ad for the next Bachelor no? I have heard rumours he or the rejected Bachelor on next week's finale may be the next one... thoughts? I think Ben is too boring, so it he ends up with Ashley, then JP would be great! Ryan is too corn-ball for a whole season. Ames, William or Blake would be interesting, but we will see them starting in two weeks on B-Pad.

Bachelor Pad

The countdown is on the ads are getting me hyped. I mean, Vienna with new "guard and protect my heart" boyfriend in a house with Jake. Then there is Gia as well, who was dating *ahem sleeping with* bad boy Wes, but rumoured to split because Vienna slept with him? The drama is never-ending and I can't wait to see it.

Here is the list of cast this season

Hell's Kitchen

I have to say, I am happy to have twice a week episodes versus two hour episodes like last time. The drama tonight was awesome! I knew Carrie and Elise would stay simply for their catfights. Elise and Carrie are at each other's throats constantly, and then tonight getting the sous chef's pissed off - wow! I love seeing Chef Scott mad and I thought he was going to deck Monterey!

I am still a fan of Jonathan and Jamie out of everyone. Was shocked to see Brendon go home so soon, especially with the sexual chemistry with Carrie, would have made good tv.

Meet Season 9 Hell's Kitchen Contestents here


Suzy really pisses me off. I was so glad to see her fail today, her and Christian are so cocky, but at least Christian (usually) has reason to be. I mean Adrian beat him (barely) and got to pick the ingredients tonight, but even giving Christian pork cheeks, yes, CHEEKS, Christian made one of the best dishes! Amazing! I am anxious to see him get put in his place though, yes, he is good, but such a jerk to everyone else! Also I love the guy with the colourful chef hats, I can't think of his name at the moment, but he just cracks me up! Double dose of Chef Ramsey twice a week makes me a happy camper!

We are down to the Top 16 after tonight and I have to say I have been pretty good at predicting Canada's vote. I am still rooting for Jordan, but really love Joey and his new partner Melissa. It is still a long way from the win but those three are shining stars in my books! I loved seeing Nico guest judge, he is my most favourite dancer!

Getting close now and the all-stars are apparently changing each week. That works for me because there are some all-stars who didn't dance last week that I hope to see again before the season ends. I am still rooting for Mel and Jess, though I think it owuld be a long shot for Jess to win it all unfortunately. Broadway folk generally don't. We will see, still a ton of talent on that stage every week! I am hoping for some Nappytabs choreo soon, I miss them when they are gone too long.

Love in the Wild
Well things are still going the same, challenges, drama, very little connection or love forming, but time will tell. I think this is just one of those things that sounds good but doesn't work so well. Jason and Jessica went home most recently, Jason couldn't connect with ANYONE and Jessica almost had a chance with Steele but he couldn't risk sending Erica home and so off Jasonand Jessica went. Jessica drove me kind of nuts anyways. Ben and Brandee looked to be having trouble in paradise but stuck it out. No one else can connect with Ben anyways, I am still shocked Brandee can! Everyone else stayed together - wah wah wah...

Challenge: Rivals
Well Mandi won a challenge, which was shocking. I love her but she just isn't really much of a winner. I have a feeling she gets cast for "other" reasons ha ha. In the white water rafting challenge it was Sarah and Katelyn who were in the bottom due to a DQ when Sarah toppled out of the raft and Katelyn stuck around to make sure she didn't drown - how dare she? Of course the rest nominated newbies Jonna and Jasmine since they didn't vote with the house last week. Jasmine and Katelyn left with host DJ earlier in the day and at challenge there were two giant stacks of hay, in them were buried boxes containing their partners - the trick, you didn't know which stack/box had which person. Of course Sarah got to a box first, it was Jasmine so she went to the other, which actually didn't even give the newbies J&J a lead on the puzzle. They had to move pieces from pole to pole, yada yada and first to finish would win. Sarah and Katelyn, the self-proclaimed "puzzle masters" ended up going home... on a puzzle challenge. Newbies Jonna and Jasmine remain in the house! And after a week of Jonna's b.s. I am certain everyone is so thrilled *eye roll*

Expedition Impossible
I am so behind on this show - - - Nothing to say on it right now

Big Brother
Well things are looking interesting. I am on live feeds a lot, finally some drama in the house woot woot.

I have posted several spoiler posts if you wish to see them here

What I want to discuss is the golden key. I mean, the blessing and curse is obviously you are safe for 4 weeks but can't compete. But I predict something more... I WISH it was that golden key holders had a chance to open a pandora's box - - prize or punishment, you never know! Prizes could be money, trips, items to help in the game, luxury items... punishments could be slop, have not, returning houseguest

I have heard the evicted HGs have been sequestered, and since Dick left, it gives them an extra week to play with so a returning houseguest seems ENTIRELY possible!

I am still rooting for Jeff and Jordan.

anyways, that is all for now... did I miss anything? Feel free to comment on your ideas, thoughts, opinions...

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