Sunday, July 24, 2011

Terra Nova at SDCC

I have been looking forward to Terra Nova fora while. The previews make me think of LOST meets Jericho. My take on the plot is that the world is so messed up, they have to send some people back to the dino-ages to "restart" and fix man's mistakes (over using fossil fuels, pollution and so on would be my guess) and there you have it...

Comic-Con guests actually got to watch about an hour of the two-hour pilot scheduled for September. I have been sifting through reviews to try and get a feel for how accurate my "plot assessment" was.

Screen Rant reviewed that the CGI was really well done and that while the overall preview was promising, the acting lacked emotion. They did note, however, that it often takes time for actors to get into the series and hopefully this would improve.

You can read the whole, spoiler filled, but detailed summary of the review clip shown at sdcc HERE.

Overall, based on the readings, I think I am pretty accurate with the Lost meets Jericho assessment, but maybe thrown in some V (sixers similar to V's 5th Column?)

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