Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finally Big Brother 13 Drama - House Fight

Today at 1:04 on Cam 1 a house fight began to brew.

By 1:28 pm (Quad Cams) It was in full force with Kalia and Jeff being most vocal to start, but Jordan and Dom getting in on it and finally Dani - ha ha! By 1:38pm name calling and shouting was in full force :)

If you don't mind spoilers click for more details...


Essentially they all called each other out with the intent to showcase Dani's manipulative ways. They keep talking about "someone" planting seeds of doubt in everyone's minds.

Dani tried to get Brenchel to backdoor Jeff and Jordan, and Brenchel considered it because of lies Dani told Rachel and Brendon to try and turn the two couples against each other...

Dani's "big plan" backfired and now she is busted but not taking the blame - instead letting the rest take the blame.

All I can say is WATCH the flashback if you have live feeds and if not - I am certain parts will air on CBS, without the cursing ha ha.

Finally, Dani starts to come clean about trusting Brenchel and seeing Jeff as the biggest threat of their 5 person alliance.

In my opinion Dani made a good move trying to get Brench vs JeJo but I think it was simply too soon an dbackfired.

I think she should have confronted her "alliance" of five saying "I want a partner, Dom will stick with us" instead of "let's backdoor Jeff, oh and keep Dom"

Ah well, DOm will go home tomorrow I think - and if a vet wins then Dani will go up... if Dani goes up, she will likely put Brendon and Jeff up...

Things are FINALLLY getting interested!!

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