Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reality TV Update July 29 2011

I just updated a few days ago but obviously, this week's results were not posted... so here is a mini-update basedon the past few days - but read here for a more detailed updatedon last week's Reality TV Shows.

Bachelorette - Sunday is the Men-Tell-All and Monday is the finale. Can't wait.

Bachelor Pad - Starts next week, should be exciting!!

Hells Kitchen - Chino went home. I wasn't too shocked, though Monterray could have gone. Also Elise and Carrie had a show-down. Elise asked Chef Ramsey to ask "everyone" who should go her or Carrie... everyone said "Elise" it was pretty funny. Next week they serve children. Fun!

Masterchef - President Obama had a speech so they re-aired the Top 10 and we got to see Guiseppie go home again. Then the next night was a new episode and Alejendra went home.

More details here

SYTYCD Canada - Results HERE.

SYTYCD USA - I am really upset Jess went home. I really felt that Ricky was the weakest performer, even more so than Tadd. At this point, I am rooting for Marko and Melanie, though I do like Tadd also...

Love in the Wild - I thought it was funny how Ben and Brandee didn't choose each other until the end. I thought it was adorable that - - - of course I can't think of her name now - - but she left because her partner hurt his foot and left.... cute!!

Challenege - RIvals - I haven't seen this week's yet.

More here

Big Brother - My latest update here but I post every few days so scroll down to see.

More Next Week!

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