Thursday, April 15, 2010

Death at a Funeral - My Thoughts

I went to the screening last night and wanted to share with you my thoughts on the movie.

I'll admit it was one of the movies I was least excited to see in past weeks. The genre just doesn't strike me as theatre-worthy and generally those types of movies I save for dvd or ondemand.

While I haven't seen the 2007 British version, I have heard the plot is almost identical besides replacing the family with african-americans and having them living in L.A.

Now that being said if you liked the original, you will likely love this remake.

Seeing just this version here is my plot summary and review:

Chris ROck plays the eldest of two songs whose father has just died. While his younger brother is a successful writer, rarely involve din family affairs, Chris Rock's character is a struggling writer wrapped up in taking care of his wife, mother and extended family.

Chris Rock is usually outrageous, funny and entertaining and as such his role in this film is difficult to accept as he tries to portray strong emotions of anger and sadness and it seems lost. I kept expecting him to laugh, yell obnoxious, offensive jokes and be done with it.

Martin Lawrence was also surprisingly less funny than expected playing the younger brother, a successful writer in NYC. He has some funny moments but overall is just annoying. The feud between the brothers is not that exciting and seems overdone.

Danny Glover plays the grumpy old uncle who has some hilarious moments. One scene which I didn't enjoy was with Tracy Morgan and involved "poop"

I will leave it at that but I felt it was more disgusting than funny.

The funniest character was "Oscar" played by hottie James Marsden (seriously, his smile is amazing!) He accidently takes hallucinates and experiences a high that had me laughing so hard it hurt.

Peter Dinklage played the "little person" and allegedly was the same character in the original version in 2007. His story line was funny and added to the twists of the plot.

There were lot's of one-liners and interesting plot parts that kept the movie funny, though I felt the pace was all wrong and a little hectic / chaotic at most times.

Not a bad movie, but not one I would pay to see in theatre personally.

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