Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nikki Reed no longer involved with K-11

Some have emailed me asking about this news.... I don't know!!! I thought she was involved, and I can't say she isn't now for any reason.... some speculate that her and Kristen had a falling out over Rob, and while it is possible, I wouldn't bet that is the reason.

New Moon Kristen & Nikki hung out a lot.... Eclipse, they didn't.

During Eclipse Paris, Nikki's boyfriend, was around and Nikki was seen hangingout with Liz Reaser most of the time.

Nikki mentioned she had quit smoking and was working out more and hanging out with Elizabeth during Eclipse. Perhaps her healthier lifestyle was why she didn't hang out with Kristen and Rob and other smokers during filming, perhaps it was a Rob/Kristen hook up leaving Nikki out - I have no idea....

I only know the facts which are:

-Nikki is no longer doing K-11
-Rob & Kristen seem to be "together"\
-Nikki hung out with Liz during Eclipse most, compared to Kristen during New Moon.

Think what you will ;)

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