Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Madrid Press Slams Taylor Lautner and his entourage

Madrid Spain fans were treated to an event on April 10th that included a VIP party with Taylor Lautner. According to some fans this was a disaster. This disaster is making the big time press in Madrid, Spain.

The Madrid Newspaper covered the story: (translated by krazi4TwiSaga)

Taylor came to Madrid to be the face of LG/Orange, but his security from America denied photographers and Cameras to video and tape him. And in the end they abandoned the event.

A fan from the event had this to say about her personal experience with Taylor & his workers:

I was there and every word is true..Basically Prince Taylor didn't fulfill his part of the contract...Left with a word and with out taking pics with the VIPS.. try´n to blame his security, but they work for him and do what he says ppl!!!

I hope fans didn't all have a bad time! We would love to hear you thoughts if you were there at the event in question.


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