Friday, April 16, 2010

Fans Opinions Matter - Rant about Current State of Twilight Saga

Since news of Eclipse reshoots broke Wednesday, the internet has been a frenzy of gossip, rumours and speculation. Even "official" word is being doubted.

Fans are what drive the Twilight Saga. Let's face it, before Twilight Summit was not exactly known as a successful or well-known company.

Twilight was an "unexpected hit" while New Moon came together rather nicely (minus a few seconds of vampire Bella frolicking in the forest) and now we have some chaos. I am not blaming Summit or any one person or department but it seems things are VERY different right now than they have been in the past.

First we have Eclipse "trouble" rumours galore (let's face it all rumours have to come from SOMEWHERE, even common sense) and second, we have massive Breaking Dawn secrecy borderline coverups.... Fans opinions matter... and I want to know how youa re feeling right now about the Twilight Saga.

Personally here are my thoughts:

Re-Shoots/Pick-Up shoots are common in films, but this seems really late in the game to be doing them. To return to location with primary cast to reshoot scenes seems like a major task to be doing 2 months before the film is supposed to come out.
New Moon's final cut was done over a month before it came out, so there's an interesting comparison.

After news of a new editor came out, I evaluated the timeline and realized some major difference between New Moon and Eclise but also felt that if they worked hard it woukd all come together. Now, with reshoots I wonder.

The word is still June 30, 2010, and I really really doubt Summit could get away with changing that date.... there would surely be a twi-riot ha ha

That being said, how many hours will people be working to make this film come together by June 30 and how tired will they be and how rushed will they be?

Eclipse is my favourite book and the movie I am most looking forward to and I am fearful they will eff it up!

Everyone involved with the films always say "we know we can't please everyone" but I think (while a true fact) it's kind of a cop out and if that's the mentality they have going into this - I am more worried about thr outcome.

I usually say I can't wait for June 30 but at this point I am ok with the wait as long as they have time to get it right!

On the flip side - coming back to Vancouver to film reshoots for Eclipse makes me excited that Breaking Dawn will be announced here also.

The production team is coming back and has ANOTHER opportunity to speak with BC Film Commissionand hopefully make it official that they will return to Vancouver to film.

Regardless, I am worried and disappointed in how things have been going lately, witht he seemingly delayed production of Eclipse, staffing changes, secrecy, confusion, rumours, leaks, scams and lack of communication.

I think Twilight Fans would be more honest with the truth... Here's what I imagine would be said if Summit were honest:

"We want the movie to be perfect and the editor was going in a direction we didn't like so we re-hired"

"Our rehiring upset David Slade who has worked closely with him before, however, we are working through these issues and all have a common - goal of giving the fand a fantastic movie"

"Going through footage we realized we need more shots here and there and are going in for reshoots to ensure the best quality film for fans"

"We have decided on a location for Breaking Dawn but in the interest of surprise and security we are not announcing it until closer to the filming start date"

"Our Breaking Dawn director is (Bill Condon?) but we want to keep him happy and safe so we are not announcing it until closer to filming start date so he is not harassed by twilight fans daily leading to his exhaustion before filming even begins"

"We realize fans want more so we will release one official still a month/week leading up to the movies release so that we don't have to be dickheads and chase after fans who post leaked photos that were stolen from us because we are too secretive and elusive"

"We are sorry to go after fans who promote us for free and help us keep our mansions and fancy cars, instead of trying to sue them and make their lives miserable we are going to thank them with passes to the premiere and public apology"

"We know we don't actually own the rights to the image of people holding apples, we just like to pretend we own the world because we had one major mega successful saga"

"Yes are in bed with the devil... but he's hot and we like it"

Ok - maybe I kid... or maybe not...

The point is things are different and I don't like it... I miss good old Twilight/New Moon days... simpler times... ha ha

What do you think?

Share your opinionson everything in the comments.


Anonymous said...


I am starting a petition today.... *MANDY FOR SUMMITS PR HEAD PERSON*...

*your factual statements had me spit water on my screen, thanks ;o}

Rebecca said...

I agree. Eclipse is my favorite book and I really want the movie to capture it as best as possible. If that means waiting a while longer then I am ok with that. Also The Awful Truth posted a really interesting article today.

Kitty said...

Thank you for this opportunity to express my feelings. I would like to see Edward have more to say - in the books he is so much more than we have seen onscreen - I want to see his sense of humor, the banter between Edward and Bella, I want to see the scene where Edward tells Jacob that "he's not going to kill now because it would upset Bella..." that whole scene and many others. I want to see the many facets (pun intended) of Edward that makes him more than just the "face". Yes, we need the utltimate showdown fight to eliminate Victoria and the newborns, but there is so much more going on in Eclipse. They need to stop worrying about keeping these movies to 2 hours so that they can screen them more times each day - the fans have proven that we will go to see the movies in the theaters time and time again, as well as show up for midnight DVD release parties and buy all the swag they can produce. So we need a movie closer to 3 hours. If Eclipse does not satisfy the fans, there will be much less enthusiasm for Breaking Dawn.

Anonymous said...

You should send that to Summit!

Quilt Nut said...

Eclipse is my fav book and all this *news* makes me worried. okay, scared. it all points to a possible disaster in my opinion