Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3000th Post

I feel like just yesterday I posted my 2000th post!!!

In honour of my blog-obsession I am including an updated list of most visited/favoured posts.

In no particular order - some of my top visited posts:

-Everything Eclipse.

-Everything Remember ME.

-Everything Bel Ami.

-Everything for The Runaways.

-Everything New Moon dvd.

  • Eclipse Leaked Script vs Book vs Sets - My own analysis of the differences between the three items.

  • The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

  • Evolution of Twilight Cast.

  • Rob Steals Kristen's Underwear for ebay.

  • Rob's Left Nipple Causes a Stir.

    -Ashley Greene's SoBE Body Paint Ad.

  • Robert Pattinson out with friends in London in March 2010.

  • Evolution of Robert Pattinson.

  • Directors of Twilight Saga and
  • Directors of Twilight

  • Directors of Twilight - My own break down of each director and my expectations and thoughts on them and the movie they are directing.

  • New Moon Sountrack Scene by Scene - Self explanatory I think.

  • Red Eyed Edward in Eclipse.

  • Bobby Long Quickie - A recap of Bobby Long's Vancouver Concert in September 2009.

  • Today's Filming Fight Training - Summary of Eclipse filming September 14, 2009 in Vancouver.

  • Today's Filming Battle Scene with Newborns - Summary of Eclipse filming September 15, 2009 in Vancouver.

  • Photos from this weeks set - Summary and Photos of filming for Eclipse in Vancouver the week of September 9, 2009.

  • Photos from Bella's House Today - Summary and Photos of filming for Eclipse in Vancouver at Bella's House October 7, 2009.

  • What Really went down under the bridge last night? - Photos and Summary Comparison of filming Eclipse August 21, 2009.

  • Props and Vehicles on Set - Photos and Analysis of the props and vehicles on set for Eclipse September 17, 2009 at Jacob Black's House.

  • First day of filming Eclipse - Set report and photos from the 1st location used for Eclipse in Vancouver.

  • Videos from Eclipse Set - Videos from the first week of filming Eclipse in Vancouver.

  • Good-Bye to Bella's House. - Photos of Bella's House being taken down after Eclipse Filming.

  • Forks Police Station Set - Summary and Photos from Eclipse filming at the "Forks" Police Station.

  • Tuesday's Set Report - A Summary of the set from October 7, 2009 featuring New born stuff along with some opening scenes of the movie.

  • Great Night to Meet Twilight Saga Cast - Encounter with Eclispe Cast.

  • Met Stephenie Meyer - My own fangirl ramblings about meeting the fabulous Ms Meyer.

  • Quickie 100 Monkeys at Backstage Lounge - Photos, Videos and More from one of the many 100 Monkeys Concerts I attended.

  • Jacob's Garage Set - Photos and Summary of fiming September 10, 2009 for Eclipse.

  • Eclipse Filming Graduation - Pix & Summary from Set.

    And a few of my own Favourite posts:

  • Seattle Twi Con Quickie - Summary and links to the awesomeness that was Seattle Twi Con.

  • My 2010 Predictions - Mostly silly predictions for the upcoming year.

  • Where to see Twilight Cast in 2010 - List of who is doing what this year.

  • Movies of 2010 - All the movies I am looking forward to this year.

  • Twilight vs Harry Potter - Exploring some conncetions between the two.

  • 2010 Twilight Moments to Look Forward to - Self Explanatory Again I think.

  • Wet Taylor - 'nuff said.

  • Blood Alley - History & Photos of Blood Alley, used to film scenes with Victoria chasing Riley in Eclipse.

  • Superstar Cycle of Photos - My discussion on Paparazzi.

  • Special FX in New Moon - Interview, Photos and details.

  • My 1st 100 Monkeys Concert - From April 2009.

  • Jackson is a hottie - Rawr - Photos with his pony.

  • Sam Bradley Stuff - From September 2009.

    There are many more but I will stop there. Feel free to search or browse back in time at past posts and comment. Also my sidebar has some links to great posts which include all posts about any given topic. Also, if you aren't Following this blog, please do..... Just Click "Follow" on the side bar!

    Here's to 3000 more posts!!

    Thanks for reading!


    Anonymous said...

    CONGRATS!!! my dear... and what a awesome 3000 posts they were... I hope the next 3k are filled to the brim of BD set info ;o}

    Quilt Nut said...

    congrats Mandy! thanx for all you post :)