Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kick-Ass Movie Review & rant about movies impacts

LAINEY GOSSIP wrote a review on the new movie "Kick-Ass". And while the review itself is good and I do hope to check the movie out, her rant afterwards was very interesting to me.

I thought I'd share it with you because I agree with so much of what she is saying:

Much has been made of the violence [in the movie Kick-Ass movie]and critics of the film are complaining that watching an 11 year old GIRL cuss so liberally and kill with such unadulterated glee makes them uncomfortable. I guess??? I mean, it’s an R rated movie. It’s not a f-cking secret. And more importantly, the gore, it’s not subversive either. In fact, it’s almost comical in its excess. Your kids are listening to Ke$ha on the radio singing about brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels and inviting dudes to put some “love in her glove box”. All in the name of an irresistibly addictive beat. I’m just saying there are other evils. It’s relative.

And if you want to make that argument about Kick-Ass you better be willing to listen to mine about The Hangover and Hot Tub Time Machine. And the homophobia. Because these movies with their “gay jokes”, the excuse is that - oh those guys are such douchebags, it’s so obvious that the gaybashing is portrayed as an UNattractive attribute… but is it? Because I guarantee you the gang-raping frat boys who loop those movies on repeat every weekend don’t see those kinds of comments as negative attributes. In fact, they laugh, and they think it’s ok, and they rinse and repeat. And why isn’t that more offensive than Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass who can take care of her own business, who doesn’t aspire to become a model or a singer, who uses her brain with her brawn, who doesn’t care about her hair, and knows about being a loyal friend… is she more offensive than the Asian stereotype, “chink”-talking gay gangster who f-cked with Bradley Cooper and his crew?

To me, in comparison to that, I’ll take Hit Girl. Every day. She’s a f-cking bad ass. Girls can kick ass too.


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