Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Info on the "Re-Shoots"

Well this might start to calm us down...


HitFix has learned that Slade, who is currently overseeing the film's score in London, would be headed to Vancouver himself to film what are obvstentively pick up shots, not reshot scenes.
Pick up shots are cut into already completed scenes and can be necessary
because of anything from bad lighting, a faulty print or a missing
expression or line that was determined in editing. Reshoots insinuate a
completely new scene being inserted into a picture.

Additionally, a Summit spokesperson told HitFix that the shoot has been planned for months, the picture is not in "trouble" and, in
fact, the studio thinks it may be the best of the three so far.
Considering, this writer has heard praise for "Eclipse's" script,
that's easy to believe. The spokesperson also noted that reshoot
timing is three days or less, is not a lot of material and furthermore,
they do not involve the meadow scene or any action scenes whatsoever.

If you missed the hoopla yesterday....

I posted on the rumoured reshoots. I also edited that same post to include Lainey Gossip's details and Twilight Lexicon's perspective.

Gossip Cop also posted on the story. Summit directed people to that information.

So now, we wait and see.

There is belief that rep will just lie and say whatever to spin a story and cover their ass.

There is also belief (as Gossip Cop posted in a low-blow to Lainey) that people will post anything for a story/traffic.

PERSONALLY, I know that Lainey is usually right, she is strategic in her posting but mostly in a way that will not give away too much until after shooting because of her experiences with the crazy twilight fans.

That being said I am familiar with past sets and should I notice any trucks passibg my house to one particular set we will know Lainey was correct about "meadow" scenes and/or "fight scenes"

Some figured it was studio HOWEVER they would NOT come all the way back here for just STUDIO because there are studios everywhere.

Anyways, time will tell and I will, as always, keep you posted on what I see and hear in my neighbourhood ;)

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Thank goodness; you are our eyes in

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