Sunday, April 11, 2010

Robert Pattinson leaves Budapest, with Kristen Stewart (his GIRLFRIEND) ok I said it!

**See update at bottom of this post**

If this is Kristen Stewart (ANd I think it looks like her) then I think there should be no one else believing they aren't together anymore.... there, happy Robsten's? Now let's leave them in their romantic bliss ;)

****Update**** Thanks Nina who sent this to me (though I was at the Black Eyed Peas Concert ha ha) Looks like there is no denying it now eh? (I mean no denying she was there with him, which at this point... c'mon?!? No other Twilight "friend" is flying around the world for NYE, filming, visits not to mention sharing clothes etc..... fine, fine, imma believer!! LoL I SAID IT - - - OUT LOUD!!! ;)

JJJ posts:

Robert Pattinson leads girlfriend Kristen Stewart into Budapest Airport with their entourage on Sunday night (April 11).

Kristen, 20, who just recently celebrated her birthday, has been visiting Robert, 23, while he’s filming his new movie, Bel Ami in Hungary.

Read more: Here.


pamj said...

LOL! Mandy, I must be dense, but who is the man with the guitar, and the man on the far right?

prstlk said...

I wonder how long she had been there! She is the master of sluth - managing to get there and have no one know it! Good for her.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to lie, this makes me happy on 2 levels. One to see the *proof in the pudding* and two to *see* you say that ;o} Thanks for posting this.

MrsRomy said...

You said

YAY!!! I have no idea why, but it makes me happy to see this footage and the pics. LOL!! Like some mystery has been solved, even though technically not outwardly solved...just that they got busted ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Robsten on many levels . . everybody deserves to find love, and am so happy for them that they finally found it with each other! Can't wait for THAT chemistry in Breaking Dawn!!