Monday, April 26, 2010

Reality TV Update

I've been sick so I am behind in my reality TV Updates...


Finally, Kate went home.

I am really impressed with Jake. He was my favourite before theI show started.

I am not really a fan of Pussycat Doll, yes she is amazing but she is a professional dancer. Furthermore, she was such a whining lil' baby when she didn't do 100% She comes across so snobby.

I do really hope Evan wins. Yes, he too is a professional dancer, but on ice. Which is very different. He's a gold medalist. He is sweet. I really enjoy watching him dance.

Pam's shocked me, she;'s better than I expected. Time will tell who goes home next. Ocho would be my pick to go home, he has been since the start. He;'s not good and I think he creeps on his partner too much ha ha.


I am frustrated some of the yappy girls are still there. I am excited to see them in New Zealand. I am not a fan of most of the girls that are left. I don't like Alasia or Angelea. I like Raina alot more now and also Alexandra though she's been negative nelly lately. I'd like to see an entire season of Plus Sized models personally... they did a peteit cycle last time, why not plus? Krista is ok n- ntoo thin... Jessica is prettiest in jy opinion but she kind of gets annoying... still bI'd pick Raina from who is left.

American Idol

Idol gives back had some good moments... and some dull ones... I was glad to see Tim go home. I mean he didn';t even initially make it onto the top 20 (he replaced someone) so he really made it far with that smile. I still love Casey and Crystal. But Lee has grown on me so much!!!! Tough Call..... I am excited to see where it goes.

Celebrity Apprentice

It was hard watching Bret Michaels last night knowing that he is in critical condition in the hospital!!

I was glad to see no one went home last night though I wish Holly's team lost and she went home, she annoys me! I love Maria... she is undervalued!!

It's getting down to the wire. I love this show!

Amazing Race

I haven't been watching since Jeff & Jordan went home.....

Fresh Meat II

This is an MTV Road RUles kind of show. I stumbled upon season one as I channel surfed late one evening in bed. It was pretty funny to see. Basically past contestents from Real World or Road Rules are in the house completeing and they get paired with a new person (Fresh Meat, never on an MTV show) and the pairs compete and vote teams off and such.

Anywas, Season 2 just started, it takes place in Vancouver/Whistler (which drew me in further) and is total drama!

Its hard core competitions and elimination tasks and then at night they party and it's just insane.

Anyways, I am team Landon and I don't like Wes ha ha

I recognize a lot of the housemates from the few seasons of Real NWorld I have watched.

Speaking of which, Real World DC ended and I added a few of them to twitter ha ha. I really liked Callie. Did anyone else watch it?

Anywas, that's it for now on all my reality show updates and opinions....

Who are your picks for shows you watch?

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