Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Breaking Dawn Start Date in October?

TwiFans posted this:
While at the Melbourne Twi Convention, Gil Birmingham, Daniel Cudmore, and Booboo Stewart were all coy when asked when filming would start for Breaking Dawn. Booboo replied to the question by saying "No word is out yet" to which Christian Serratos quickly followed with "No, October."

Immediately after this response, Gil Birmingham, who play's Jacob's father, quickly tried to cover up the blunder. "We could tell you, but we'd have to kill you - like we will Christian," he said.

Whoops Christian - guess the "wolfs outta the bag"...

What do you think? Is this another rumor or will shooting start much sooner than we thought?

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Mandy's Mind - We have known for a while that this Fall is Breaking Dawn... though nothing has been "Officially" announced... October seems likely... time will tell.

Summit never announces much in a timely manner, Here is how they SHOULD handle their PR it would keep fans happy at least ;)

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