Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mandy's Rant on Eclipse Re-Shoots and Cast in Vancouver

Re-Shoots are this week, it is the last week of April and you don't need "inside" or "exclusive" sources or reports to tell you that much.

I am excited to have Twilight coming back to town, but also thankful it's brief. I can't handle too much crazy coming to town for too long.

With that, I wanted to blab about a few things surrounding the situation....

#1 - Airports

I am not one to wait an airport for someone I have already met and talked to and posed for photos with. So I will not be at the airport today or any other day this week to try and meet Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner.

I have met them, a few timess and recieved the hugs, photos, kind words that I desired.

Airports are crowded with paparazzi and wanna-be paparazzi and fans, many of crazy decent (though certainly not all) and I just have no desire to be in that kind of setting for a POSSIBLE few second glimpse of a hiding movie star.

I would certainly go if it was a lesser star or someone I hadn't met & wanted to meet badly and I knew not many people would be there...

But not for Twilight's "holy trinity" even if I did know their flight schedule.

#2 Downtown

During New Moon and Eclipse original filming I wasn't downtown as much as some. I didn't ever to my recollection have any luck outside a hotel nor did I have the time or energy to wait and try for luck. One time in driving past the hotel I saw papz running and hopped out of my friends van to see what the commotion was and got a pic with Cameron Bright. Another time I sat with my daughtyer and 2 friends for 5 minutes on our way to go grab food and again saw commotion and Nikki and Liz were heading out. Other than that I don't think I put or got much more out of hotels.

Bars and Resturants I did meet quite a few cast either by fluke (holy crap look who is sitting over there) , common sense (Dills Show, 100 Monkeys Shows) or by info from others (check out this spot just saw so and so go in)

For this short re-shoot time it is my OWN personal opinion with long days and only a few days to film, cast won't be out partying as much as perhaps they have in the past. I could be entirely wrong, but I don't plan to go downtown to hotels or bars in hopes of an encounter based on my own opinions that it just wouldn't be worth it.

#3 Sets

To me this has always been my most favourite thing to watch. I know everyone has different opinions but to me, on set they are "working" so if they see fans as they arrive/leave they seem more likely to stop and say hi as fans are "part of the job"

I don't at all mean they are obligated to stop, nor do I expect it, but it has happened a few times and was wonderful!

What I like most about sets is that even when cast doesn't stop, it's exciting to see whats going on. Open view sets were the most fun because you could see things like props, lighting, angles and just, how it is all done.

That being said, as sets became more known in the past, more people came and it became troublesome for some sets because of noise or people acting stupid trying to sneak onto set etc.

That isn't fun for anyone.

For the re-shoots, my initial plan was to stay home and get reports from my "eyes and ears" so I can bring you set report blogs as I have for New Moon and Eclipse filming in the past, however, if certain sets are used I will deffo pop by myself for a glimpse, I just can't help myself, some areas are fun to visit.

Bottom Line is, I may or may not be out and about at sets but I certainly won't be downtown or at airports these next few days.

I am still not 100% healthy from my cold and have no desire to chase down movie stars who (though I love) I have met before. No hustle and bustle rush encounter at an airport could TOP the experiences I have already had with the three main cast...

I would far rather see them not out and about but resting and working to get this movie done and ready :)

Anyways, there's my blab about re-shoots ;)

Set Reports will come this week, or possibly on the weekend once it's all said & done, depending on how things go around here.... ha ha there is no telling what kind of drama could erupt as we've learned!!

Thanks for reading,

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