Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mandy's Eclipse Trailer Break-Down

So I love the New Eclipse Trailer. It's so much better than the first one... I am really excited to share my thoughts with you all - PLEASE COMMENT at the bottom with your thoughts!

[0:09] Summit & pan over mountains and water... all I can do is laugh at the "literal Eclipse trailer" "this shot cost more than I made last year"

[0:12] Sexy Taylor Lautner looking like a confident Jacob Black....


Jacob looking all sexy outside Forks High School.

[0:14] "I'm here to warn you" I love his voice, his tone... way less um.. flamboyant *haha* than usual...



Bella's like "What?"

[0:17] "You should just leave...NOW"


Edward's all "Oh no he di-hint"

[0:19] "She has a right to know" Bella's all "what?" This whole scene was shot at the "Exterior" Forks High School which was simply a parking lot at a local park with green screened school and built in stairs. I remember going by one day when they weren't filming and seeing it all set up, the vehicles there and also during live filming seeing the school bus and some extras in Forks High School gear! Very Cool experience!



Riley Running in the rain

[0:22] Seattle Shot...

[0:24] Run Riley Run....


Amazing how they turn local sets into such foreign places...


The "unknown" shadow (Victoria) bites the young Riley. There were a few locations for this (presumaby opening ) scene... Here was one set. Here is another set.

[0:27] Writhing in pain...


Riley is Transforming.

[0:29} "killings"



Bella... it's less the wig and more the "it looks like i self-dyed my hair dark and stained my forehead with it" non?

[0:30] Flames, car, new borns running wild...


I LOVE THIS because it is such a random scene of the destruction in Seattle and we were there when they set it up and saw the upside down (as well as back up not upside down but parked down the street) car! really neat to FINALLY start seeing these lil bits. Here is my original post from this particular set.

[0:32] "Someone's creating an army" Dr Cullen is always so diplomatic non?


Family Meeting... Jasper's hair alsways sucks!!


Edward & Bella sense trouble


Rightfully so, "an army of vampires" are indeed coming for them!



Newborns head into waters of Seattle



The leader of the pack!

[0:40] "They're coming here"


Grad Party Troubles...

[0:44] An ugly fight with lives lost... Again, Dr. Cullen throwing it all out there...

[0:45] "We're in" Jacob is ready to rumble

[0:46] Much better looking wolves creeping out of the forests for fight training...

[0:49] "As long as we get to kill SOME vampires" Love it!!

[0:51] Edward's not happy he must work with Jacob ha ha ha....



[0:53]Zoom in on beach...


the beach where my husband proposed, though highly "movie-fied" with MORE trees and less beach area..... I love that they filmed my fave book of the saga at my fave spot :)

[0:56] Riley....


Another awesome thing to see... emerging newborns...

[0:58] emerging... I saw many of them chilling out at the beach in full costume. I have a few posts from this set here is one and another post is here.



[1:03] This was at the same set as the upside down car / newborns attacking Seattle, just above it peering down at the chaos.


Volturi silently observing
- Dakota clearly the boss... love it! We weren't entirely sure who was on set that night except for Cam & Dakota... rumours had included Charlie and Daniel but then again some said Rob too which was entirely false ha ha - funny rumours were ALWAYS that Rob was at EVERY set LoL

[1:05] Running, Fight Prep, Intensity... I likey a lot

[1:07] Jasper's Angry running face


[1:09] Jasper's even ANGRIER fighting face...and I prefer his hair lose, wavy, wind-blown...less poodle-esque


[1:12] Most awesome move ever... ok not eer but in this clip...


Funniest Still ever... like a bowling ball knocking down a little gi joe barbie toy... but in the clip it's more like a dart whizzing over the wolf... both very cool.

[1:14] Ugly Ring in my opinion....


[1:15] Happiest man vampire EVER


Bella ... not-so-much


Bella is either stoned or mid-eye-twitch... knowing Kristen Stewart, maybe a bit of both?? ;)

[1:16] Somebody's PISSED


[1:17] Bryce is not mean looking...


I call her Strawberry Shortcake not Victoria.

[1:18] Awesome mid-air chase and fights

[1:19] Here we go ladies...


Topless in the snow rawr



Volturi do the hockey pockey and ... wait.. sorry... removing their hoods...Intense Music building up, I can hardly take it

[1:23] She is too stunning to be evil non?


Fierce Victoria in the snow



Edward's all "Stay Back" while Bellz is all "hellz no, Imma be all 3rd wife up in here, just you wait fool"

[1:25] Finally some strength from our Eddie


Tree pushing time

[1:28] Falling... If a tree with a vampire in it falls in a forest.. does heh heh - I do I do!!

[1:29] Things are getting good




Wolves look so much fiercer this time non?

Overall - I like this way better than first one, though I am curious as to why it's only a minute and a half... seems short non? There is more "romance" and "love triangle" alluded to but still lot's of action and battle which I am really looking forward to in Eclipse.

What do you like? Dislike? Overall Thoughts?

Please Comment Below!

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Dana Scully said...

Love this trailer, now they could have combined the two - so it would be longer. Actually really happy with this result and don't want them to start tinkering with the battle scene/newborns, etc. Me likey a bit of action with the romance. New Moon was boring-there I said it. Eclipse is my fave of the series, so have high expectations, which hopefully will live up to the final product.

Bryce is stunning, wish they had stuck with Rachelle, alas there isn't anything we can do about that. Perhaps after watching the trailers a few more times, we'll get used to her as Victoria.

Just over 2 months to go-can't wait!

Quilt Nut said...

LOVED IT! lost track of how many times i watched it yesterday lol.

hate the ring but it does look like it was described in the book. picture in my head wasn't ugly though lol. and gotta agree on Victoria, she's just not fierce/mean/angry enough looking.

66 days!

Anonymous said...

loved it...awesome post!!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely love the breakdown of it. My fave I have to say is at 1:24...LOL

Anonymous said...

Seriously - loved the trailer and LOVED your breakdown... made me laugh. I just started reading your blog and am thoroughly enjoying you.

April said...

Love it Love it Love it!!!
My vote is still out on bryce... I'm just gonna have to wait and see I think. I think the ring is huge and ugly but I guess as I read the description over it fits and apparently stephanie approved it so whatever. Ok and Yes.. Jaspers hair is a bit poodlish, But Emmett's wig is horrible too in this one!! How its so straight across his forehead!? What is up with that! ugh You would think that they could have got better stylists as they make more $$...
1:15 His face is awesome
1:21 I LOVE how the Volturi take their hoods off in unison and how Charlie/Demetri does his little side step
1:25 Show them Muscles!!
oh and :56 Riley coming out of the water is just sick!! :D