Monday, July 19, 2010


Bachelorette Drama

Frank dropped the bomb he is still in love with his ex girlfriend - yea yea I have known for a while because a friend spoiled it for me - had she not Frank likely would have been a fave right up until tonight!

Luckily I knew and wrote him off weeks ago so his bomb tonight wasn't surprising instead a welcomed release.

Roberto and Chris are both amazing. I think they are both incredibly sexy and sweet...

If it were me, I would choose Chris... just more my type.

For that same reason I kind of want to see Ali choose Roberto and have Chris the next Bachelor. I would hate to see Chris' heart broken but I don't see Ali's relationship lasting so in that sense I would rather see him heart broken a little now rather than a lot later and if it's now he could be the next Bachelor and maybe find real love-but at the very least, we get to see more of him on tv ;)

What do you think?

FOr Ali - I don't care who

For me - CHris

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