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Stephenie Meyer talks about Jasper's Wig, Eclipse Back Stories and More...


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The background stories for the Cullens and the wolfpack help give insightful looks into why these characters are the way they are. They were are favorite parts of Eclipse and we wished they were longer. Damn you 2 hour movie! Stephenie wishes these parts in the Eclipse movie were longer also and says "maybe on the DVD extras!" But out of the 3 flashbacks; which is her fav?

AND p.s. Stephenie loves Jasper's hair Eclipse...listen for yourself: (TST asks) which flashback in Eclipse is Stephenie Meyer's favorite by twifans


Q: Okay, I have a question. It’s a little movie-related. We haven’t seen it yet, but in Eclipse we get a lot of background for Rosalie, Jasper, the Quileutes, which I love, love, love. It’s my favorite part of
reading those books. And getting to know the characters. So, which of the
backgrounds are you most excited, or have you been most excited to see played
out on film?

SM: I’ve known Jasper’s is really exciting. Having read them--When I was writing them. I really liked the Quileutes better.

Q: I love the Quileutes, so for me, I was so excited to see the third wife and all of that, but because of reading Bree, I am now so excited about seeing Jackson’s background (Jackson Rathbone, aka Jasper).

SM: And they’re short in the movie because they have to be. That’s always the heartbreak of them, it’s like—“ah!” The scene after the Biology—It’s so hard to get things--and it kills you. You want to see Robert
and Kristen do that.

Q: You want it to be 5 hours long!

SM: Yeah! And so it’s hard to have a story—Now, I think that Nikki Reed will surprise you in her section. She does so good.

Alison: I’m really excited about that.

Male: Oh, it’s so great!

Q: Oh, I wish it was longer, I wanted to see her where they--

Q: We wanted to see her rip up Royce.

SM: I know, didn’t you kinda want to—but she looked amazing. The period piece was really fun. They did have to shorten that down. And there were some things that I-- Again…hope for the DVD extras, right? But Jackson as
a human…..was…..awesome. And I know the issue is his hair, right? Ok…I hear
you. I love his hair in this one. When he’s human and that hair that he has in
the practice fight stuff? He had a Mohawk for a bit because he just did Airbender.
I always pictured Jasper with a little bit longer hair.

Q: Yeah, like Twilight.

SM: I like it when it’s messy. When they kind of smooth it, then it ruins it for me, but I like this one better than I’d liked him with the longer hair. We were really excited. The first time we saw the wig pictures, we
were like “ohh, we like that.” It’s different, right? But that happens because they’re
all people and, ya know, they’re getting older and… Vampires don’t do that.


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