Monday, July 19, 2010

True Beauty

I didn't watch first season but I have followed religiously this season. I did like Amy a lot but she went home last week and I guess I know why - she was insecure and whiney. But Craig stayed and he is so cocky and annoying... the only thing redeeming about him is that he is Canadian... and he gives us Candians a bad name at that!

Taylor has that rough sexy look - me likey!

SO tonight the final three were Craig, Taylor and Erika the "Ménage à trois" ha ha!

OF course these hotties all thought the show was "The Face of Vegas" and that they were competing to be the hottest, most social best representative of "Vegas" when in reality they are being secretly judged on their inner beauty.

They've all passed and failed various contests that tested their inner beauty.

Tonight after a night of partying they had to wokemn up early to shoot a commercial for Vegas.

It was the finale and after looking back at all of their past test results the winner was announced.

Taylor won!!!!

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