Monday, July 19, 2010

Breaking Dawn will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, be Rated R

I am not sure how or why this rumour keeps popping up, the bottom line is it will NEVER happen. Breaking Dawn will NOT BE RATED R!!!

There are numerous reasons, one being the author is mormon, (and they can't watch rated - R films, as IF she will make something she can't even watch) and two being it is catered to teens and young readers (though not exclusively hello Twi Moms).

Yet, fans are still creating petitions and riots over the rating of PG-13... why?

There is the honeymoon - we all want a sexy honeymoon.... YES!

Let me ask you, does the book give you all the juicy sex details you crave or leave you hanging, imagining the dirty details?

Why would you expect any different from the movie?

Feathers? yes - there better be feathers... the implied romp is a must, but we aren't going to catch Bella's breasts or Edwards bare ass... it just won't happen... as for romance and love - it can and certainly better happen!

I have paid close attention to some of my most favourite intimate scenes in movies recently (purely research y'all ha ha) and there is PLENTY of erotic, sensual, intimate love scenes that aren't in an R rating...

Here are some:
-Ghost (1990) PG-13
- Have you seen the love scene with the clay pot - totally hot!

-The Notebook (2004) PG-13
- Totally amazing in the old house together - rawr! *Check out the 6 minute mark*

-Titanic (1997) PG-13
- He paints her naked for pete's sake - lot's of sensuality in the car too steamy hand print anyone? *CHeck out about the 1:50 mark*

-Dirty Dancing (1987) - PG-13
- Some of the sexiest dancing ever - hello? Here's a deleted scene but you get the idea...

-Armageddon (1998) PG-13
- Sensual

-Meet Joe Black (1998) PG-13-CHeck the 2:15 mark though it's just stills I couldn't find full video on youtube, but if you have seen the movie YOU KNOW!

-Blue Lagoon (1980) PG_13
-Romantic and sensual it's about skin and angles in my opinion

- Top Gun (1986) PG

-Take my Breath away

-Pearl Harbor (2001) PG-13

-Shadows and sheets and angles

One more - REMEMBER ME (2010) PG-13
-Here is a taste of Rob in a sex scene - rawr!

See - it is all about skin, close up body parts that you aren't quite sure of where they are... angles, breathing, music, all in combination... HOT!

I could go on but I am actually at work and should be *ahem* WORKING!!!

Feel free to list other hot sex scenes that are PG-13 in the comments - then we can all youtube them and get excited about Breaking Dawn despite it's PG-13 rating!

PG-13- Parents Strongly Cautioned
Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13

We can get intimacy from PG_13 as seen above, but if you are seeking R rated love you just aren't going to get it...

LA Times writes:

If you're familiar with the "Twilight" book series, you know that the "Breaking Dawn" films are gearing up for some gratuitous action. Bella and Edward will be engaging in their first sex scene, followed by a particularly disturbing birth. Finally, all this chaste kissing is building up to something.

This leaves screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg in a bit of a pickle. How will she capture the intimacy and gore of these scenes in a way that doesn't ratchet the film rating to R? In the interview below, Rosenberg seems dedicated to sparing no gritty details, while producer Wyck Godfrey told Fearnet that the film would still be PG-13.

"I'm unwavering in my belief that these will be PG-13 movies," he says in the interview. "And really, I say that not because I know what we're shooting but because I feel that they should be. I feel like the audience of the books and the movies, many of them are under 18; my ten-year-old son goes to these movies, I can't make an R-rated conclusion to the franchise."

SO - it will not be R rated.... there is no way so just accept it, deal with it and continue to create your own erotic rated r sex scenes in your head like you had to when you read the book - and if you are still left craving more try True Blood or Black Dagger Broherhood where you can read all the R-rated (and even X rated) dirty rough vampire sex you can handle!

Side note - - -

Breaking Dawn will be PG-13. End of story.... so what does this mean?

MPAA Rating Systems explains:

PG-13:"Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13."
PG-13 is thus a sterner warning to parents to determine for themselves the attendance in particular of their younger children as they might consider some material not suited for them. Parents, by the rating, are alerted to be very careful about the attendance of their under-teenage children. A PG-13 film is one which, in the view of the Rating Board, leaps beyond the boundaries of the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, or other contents, but does not quite fit within the restricted R category. Any drug use content will initially require at least a PG-13 rating. In effect, the PG-13 cautions parents with more stringency than usual to give special attention to this film before they allow their 12-year olds and younger to attend. If nudity is sexually oriented, the film will generally not be found in the PG-13 category. If violence is too rough or persistent, the film goes into the R (restricted) rating. A film's single use of one of the harsher sexually-derived words, though only as an expletive, shall initially require the Rating Board to issue that film at least a PG-13 rating. More than one such expletive must lead the Rating Board to issue a film an R rating, as must even one of these words used in a sexual context. These films can be rated less severely, however, if by a special vote, the Rating Board feels that a lesser rating would more responsibly reflect the opinion of American parents. PG-13 places larger responsibilities on parents for their children's moviegoing. The voluntary rating system is not a surrogate parent, nor should it be. It cannot, and should not, insert itself in family decisions that only parents can, and should, make. Its purpose is to give prescreening advance informational warnings, so that parents can form their own judgments. PG-13 is designed to make these parental decisions easier for films between PG and R.


Teddi said...

What about the scene between Tyler and Allie in Remember Me? That was pretty hot and it was PG-13.

Jazmine said...

eh...I agree it should be rated PG-13. I myself am 18, and would love the really passionate rated R Breaking Dawn, but seriously my 10 year old sister wants to see the movie and I would not be ok with her watching Edward and Bella go at it on screen, sure she's read the books (which aren't that graphic, except for the birthing scene, but this kid had watched movies like Ninja Assassin and THAT was bloody). I don't even let her watch True Blood. The rating should stay PG-13 and the mature twi-hards should just...*sigh* suck it up (no pun intended).

Quilt Nut said...

the Titanic scene; soooo hot! great list Mandy!

Christiana said...

i understand that they are not going to up the rating but it's not only the love scene thats the issue. Its also the scene where bella gives birth. its pretty descriptive in the book and I imagine it being too bloody (not necessarily the word i'm looking for) for a pg-13 rating. I hope they don't change it to the point that it loses its intensity.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Harrison Ford/ Kelly McGillis "Don't know Much About History" scene (in the barn dancing around his car)in the movie "Witness" was incredibly of the sexiest I know...also Susan Saradon painting Kevin Costner's toenails in "Bull Durham".....the list could go on for sexy scenes with absolutely no sex involved!!!!

Anonymous said...

what about the scene in mr. and mrs. smith in the kitchen?

Anonymous said...

I agree. The Notebook is one of my favorite films of all time and is absolutely perfect. Breaking Dawn PG13 will be amazing like everything Summit has done, despite some of the criticism. I'm sure we will all be very happy with the final result. The wait however will be long.