Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stephenie Meyer talks about Victoria Casting

When something changes or gets added to our movies it really upsets us. Bryce taking the role of Victoria sent a serious fear for continuity through the Twilight fandom. It has all worked out in the end for most and we couldn't of asked for a more gracious actress to replace Rachelle Lefevre. Bryce is a fan of the saga and did her best to carry on Rachelle's legacy in a way that would make fans proud. What did Stephenie think of Bryce's performance and was, Bryce Dallas Howard, Stephenie's first choice for the role of Victoria? Stephenie Meyer tells us what she thinks of Bryce Dallas Howard's performance by twifans

What do you think?

Persomnally I had been upset about Rachelle recasting but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bryce - she is amazing.... and Rachelle, well, she is Canadian and was good - but, I really love Bryce!


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