Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stephenie Meyer talks about down time on set with Twilight Fansites


We have heard from most of the Twilight actors that time in between takes is not their favorite. Stephenie was on hand for many days of filming found some fun ways to entertain herself.

Re-enacting scenes with Producer friend Wyck Godfrey sounds like a blast...I can't even image what is on Stephenie's cell phone in the video section!

Gina the hairdresser" taught Kristen Stewart and Meghan (Stephenie's assistant/BFF) to knit. Stephenie is getting a custom line of scarves made from Meghan! Remember all those pap shots of Kristen knitting and all of us wondering how that fit into Eclipse? Well now we know but don't take our word for it!!! Listen for yourselves: Stephenie Meyer talks about what she does in between takes, Kristen & indoor sets by twifans


Q: Do you see the dailies? Like, on that, did you see the dailies with the original shoot?

SM: Yeah, I came up. When I came up the next time I was up there, I always go through all the dailies & everything that I missed while I was gone, and then it's too late because re-shoots are hideously expensive
and problematical because Rob's doing a movie somewhere else, and Kristen's
doing a movie, and their schedules, it’s really—. We had to do the re-shoots
really close to the release date because Rob was doing Bel Ami, and so it's
difficult to do re-shoots, so you want to get it in the day. And that's when
you have things like Rob not having the time off. You can't really do much
about it.

SM: Also they had dismantled Bella’s house at that point...and that scene that takes place in front of the house, it no longer was there…and that's a problem.

Alison/Twifans: We'd like it there just so a lot of people could visit it all the time. Why they'd take it down?

SM: They took it down so it wouldn't get vandalized in between shoots. They have it all stored away like a puzzle that they can put back together; same with the Cullen house.

TST: And you have to, like, get all these inspections done, ‘cause if you leave a house there, don't you? There's all these technical things that go on.

TS: Well yeah, they can't keep it up if it's not a fully functional house.

??: They wouldn’t get vandalized [the voice goes too high to be able to translate!]

??: People – Remember the L.A., uh…

??: It was horrible!

TF: It was like going to Disneyland.


??: That’s crazy.

??: That’s funny.

??: I want to steal the entire car.

??: Yeah, do it right!

SM: The Cullen house they built all indoors, which was really cool. To walk into that sound stage with the gravel driveway & the forest & the house, & to walk through the whole house,
and it was all just this set. It was really an amazing construction. Bill
Bannerman does that. He's a really fun guy; we were, like, "Bill…well done,
can I have one? Can you build this for me?"

??: And it’s all built, like, an actual driveway, and the path--

SM: Yeah, and the quality-- I think I'm gonna step gingerly, like, maybe this is paper, right?


SM: (as if speaking for Bannerman) Yeah, you can help with this ‘cause you [??] down this driveway.

Meghan: Night shoots

SM: We re-enacted some scenes. You know Wyck the producer? He & Meghan did the tree climb. I was the digital camera man with the cell phone. Good times. *laughter* There is so much time in between takes &
especially when they're resetting. You spend a lot of time sitting there. Most
of the people on the set picked up knitting, including her (Meghan, SM's

Meghan: Kristen taught me how to pearl.

SM: Gina the hair lady taught everybody to knit, she taught Kristen to knit. And they all sit around knitting. It’s really cute.

Alison: Everybody wanted to know what those—what Kristen was doing knitting, and I’m, like, "What is she knitting? Is that in the movie?" when those pictures came out.

SM: It's very calming, right? You can sit there & you can think while your hands work. It's a very popular thing. She (Meghan) makes really good scarves now. She learned it on Eclipse.



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