Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cougar's want Booboo Stewart

Twilight star BooBoo Stewart has revealed that he was once propositioned by a 'Cougar' - an older woman who has a penchant for toyboys.

The actor, 16, was left feeling uncomfortable by the fan request.

‘She was about 40 and she turned to me and asked if I wanted to make out!' BooBoo reveals.

‘I said: "Um, I'm sorry..."'

BooBoo plays werewolf Seth Clearwater in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

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Mandy's Mind - OK - this is gross - he is a child - yucky.... there is no excuse for that.... *barf*

Side note however, Um, maybe this 16 year old should dress like he is 16 and not pose half naked? I am not saying it is OK or a 40 year old to hit on a 16 year old - it's gross - but besides looking like he is 12 he flashes his abs like he is 25 - it's disgusting he even shows it off in my opinion! I don't want the 12 year olds who DO cursh on him to start thinking those abs are what is cute - because those abs are what ADULT MEN usually have and we do not need 12 year old girls crushing on ADULT men just like we don't need 40 year old women hittingon 16 year old BOYS!!!!!!

Seriously people!

Sorry - maybe I am being unfair since I was all "ooh Taylor Lautner" but this disturbs me! Maybe it's the name "booboo" that makes me think he is 12 but how old was he when he did the half naked photoshoot? I dunno - he's an ADORABLE kid but I think his parents should cover him up a bit..... just me?

I wrote about this before here.


Quilt Nut said...

what is wrong with the woman who proposition him too? nastiness

MidnightCougar said...

Well Mandy, I just turned 40 & can honestly say I don't have fantasies about 16 yr old boys. That is just plain CREEPY! YUCK!