Sunday, July 18, 2010


I went into INception expecting to be led through a twisted journey that was complicated to follow and understand, one that stretched my thinking and left me wondering what just happened.

Instead, I enjoyed a movie where realities were altered with explanations given in order to ensure I could take the journey with them.

Inception was a great movie that explored the subconcious using dreams as a way to access information within a person's brain. The characters are highly trained in extracting ideas from dreams as well as training people to protect their subconcious from outsiders (like themselves) trying to extract information.

Leonardo DiCaprio's character has a troubled past which unravels throughout the film often interrupting or sabatoging his job. When he is offered a chance to erase part of his past to give him his old life back he takes it, although the task is believed impossible, he knows it is impossible though very difficult.

This job is "Inception" not extracting memories or information from one's subconcious but planting an idea in one's subconcious.

He assembles a team and the task begins taking them into a multi-levelled dream within a dream within a dream with high risks. Bringing in a newbie "dream architect" who is inexperienced but highly talented (played by Ellen Page) the team works to survive this highly unusual job.

If you pay attention it is not difficult to follow, in fact, I expected it to be far more difficult to work out in my head but it was fairly straight forward thanks alot to Ellen Page's character who was new and had to be "taught" all about the way it works.

I kept thinking the end would be one major twist leaving you thinking WTF and although it didn't deliver in the way I predicted, it did leave the movie open to further thought and hopefully a sequel.

If you haven't seen it, go check it out, I would in theatre simply because the architecture of the dreams is so visually stunning that the large screen is best for full enjoyment of the complexities created in their dream worlds.

If you have seen it please comment below with your thoughts.

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