Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Twilight Saga Eclipse DVD December 4, 2010

I posted a while back that the Eclipse DVD would come out in early December. Now it seems an exact date has been set... though until Summitt officially announces it we can't be certain, it looks promising with multiple sources quoting this date. So, Mark your Calendars and be sure to examine the different options (though I hope it isn't as complicated as New Moon's bazillion versions were) ha ha



wig4usc said...

No kidding...too many different NM configurations, it made my head hurt! :)

Anonymous said...

bahahahahah, don't have to mark the calendar, that's my sister's bday, happy birthday to her, :)

vancityRG said...

ooo... right before my birthday. delightful.
although i already downloaded it and have been watching it at home (far too often)