Monday, September 6, 2010

Baton Rouge Breaking Dawn Updates

Parts of this article confirm what a local told me last week regarding pre-production, other parts don't quite jive.. either way here is the latest report on Baton Rouge Breaking Dawn Pre-Production:

More... For confidentiality reasons, we can't talk specifics about productions that we're dealing with," said Patrick Mulhearn, Director of Studio Operations at Celtic Studios.

"Well, there's not too much I can say about the details of 'Twilight,'" said Chris Stelly, Director of Film Industry Development with the Louisiana Economic Development.

While the movie's publicist will only say the "when" for production kickoff is late this fall, a commercial real estate agent says one of his lease properties is where pre-production is in full swing.

"'Twilight' is going to do most of their production in Baton Rouge indoors, so they are leasing part of the building for offices, art studio, etc.," said Mark Hebert with Kurtz & Hebert Commercial Real Estate.

That building is the old Coca Cola plant on Airline Highway. It's across the street from Celtic Studios, where the film "The Big Valley" is just ramping up, and the production for "Battle: Los Angeles" recently wrapped. Whether or not "Twilight's" last installment, "Breaking Dawn," is coming to Celtic, the studio says big bucks follow big projects.

"Each production is like a small army, so you're having to feed a small army, you're having to house them, you're having to entertain them," said Mulhearn.

In the case of "Twilight," Baton Rouge will also benefit from the twi-hards.

"What you'll see is much like what 'Steel Magnolias' did for Natchitoches," said Stelly. "People go to Natchitoches to this day to see the house in 'Steel Magnolias.'"

The Baton Rouge area is counting on it.

"'Twilight,'" said Stelly, "it's gonna be a great addition to our cannon."

[Source: Via TwiFans ]

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