Friday, September 10, 2010

What would Stephenie Meyer write next?

Twilight Series Theories posted another transcript and audio discussion from the fansite meet up with Stephenie Meyer in June.

Volvos, Proposals, Teens, and Religion, features talks on all of those topics and more... Here is a cool excerpt:

LT: If you were forced to write a sequel or some novella, which—what character or characters would you do?

SM: If I were to go ahead with sequels, and I think that I’ve already stated this in some book thing, I would tell it from two narrators again, although I think I’d switch back and forth and it would be Nessie and Leah. And you know it’s funny because a lot of people are like—I’ve read a lot of theories about why I felt compelled to have Bella have a baby and there’s only one reason and it’s not because—there isn’t a lot of really negative stuff—it’s not because you know Bella needed to have a baby or anything, it’s because I knew—it was really clear because I’d already done “Forever Dawn”—once Bella becomes a vampire she loses her relatability. It’s subtle, but you no longer could do anything she could do and it really, as a narrator, she—I wanted to continue, I wanted to show where she went with it—but as a narrator she loses a lot of her appeal because she’s a vampire now and it’s really interesting to see how she does things but emotionally I felt like the tie was not as strong. I wanted my narrator for the next story. When I was writing this I was never gonna stop and I may go back to it, but like I said there’s the burnout factor that you don’t take into account and working on the movies, it’s a lot of vampires. But Nessie was created because she was the logical voice, you have someone who’s half-human, half-vampire who doesn’t fit in anywhere and is an outsider in some ways, but then loved and cherished by her family. But all the intricacies—she had so many problems, so many challenges so she was so attractive to me as a narrator…”

Lot's more cool stuff... See the full transcript and the rest of the audio file on Twilight Series Theories


wig4usc said...

I love the idea of Nessie as a narrator, but at the same time, we would only hear of Bella and Edward as I have mixed feelings about that!

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe she is through with
Edward and Bella.