Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Facts about Deborah Ann Woll, aka Jessica on True Blood

So you are crushing after Deborah Ann Woll, who plays hot vampire, Jessica, on HBO’s True Blood? She has become my newest #girlcrush and with good reason... !!! Here are some interesting facts for you:

1. Blondes Don’t Have More Fun. Yep, that’s right – Deborah is actually a blonde. She wanted to stand out from the pack, so picked red as her color of choice.

2. Deborah Watched Animal Attacks to Prepare for True Blood. She figured it would help prepare her for all the blood and gore to come.

3. She Supports People with Choroideremia. It’s a condition that leads to eventual blindness in sufferers. One of those sufferers is her boyfriend.

4. Can Anyone say ‘Nerd’? ‘Cause Deborah is one! Her fave show is Mystery Science Theater 3000 and she likes to watch an episode a night.

5. It Took her 5 Days to Drawl Like a Southerner. Talk about talented!

6. Fear is the New Sexy. Well, as far as Deborah is concerned.

“I think that fear and sexuality are very closely linked. I think things that scare us are a little bit sexy. Things that are unknown attract us. And blood, that deep, red, rich warm, life. There’s something really beautiful about that, which we may have some trouble admitting to.”
7. Deborah Suffers from Celiac Disease. This means that she cannot eat gluten – which is just perfect when you are a newly turned vampire!

8. She’s into Online Dating. Deborah met her boyfriend on Match.com.

9. Deborah calls The Big Apple Home. For all her delightful Southern drawl, Deborah actually hails from Brooklyn.

10. Deborah Has Appeared in Vogue. Just look at her – enough said. The woman is stunning!

So, do any of these interesting tidbits surprise you? Do you think Hoyt’s mom might’ve accepted Jessica if she were a blonde?


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