Saturday, June 18, 2011

Savages - September 2012

Indie Wire writes:
Oliver Stone‘s thriller “Savages” will hit on September 28, 2012. Based on the best-selling crime novel by Don Winslow with a script by Winslow, Stone and Shane Salerno, the plot follows a pair of Laguna Beach drug dealers forced to work for a Mexican cartel after the girl they share is kidnapped. Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch lead the cast with Blake Lively as the girl, Uma Thurman as her mother, Salma Hayek as the leader of the cartel, Benicio Del Toro as her main enforcer, John Travolta as a burnt-out DEA agent, Demian Bichir as a double-crossing attorney who represents Hayek’s cartel and Emile Hirsch in an unnamed role. via IndieWire

p2p shares:

This film sounds absolutely fantastic, judging by the story and stellar cast. Fun fact: Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence (aka Katniss Everdeen) was originally cast as ‘O,’ who is now being played by Blake Lively? She dropped out due to her commitment to ‘The Hunger Games.’ I recently saw the film ‘A Better Life,’ starring Demian Birchir and I was blown away by his performance, so I’m looking forward to seeing him play such a different role.

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