Sunday, June 12, 2011

Predictions for True Blood Season 4 - based on 8 minute preview

Last week I posted the first 8 minutes of True Blood Season4 opening episode... Here it is again for those of you living under a rock...

I also watched "True Blood: Digging Up Season 3" where we reviewed last season and had interview with cast as well as a brief promo for Season 4 with some hints as to what is to come... mainly - WITCHES!!!

Flavor Wire wrote up some predictions based on the 8 minutes we got of the first episode.... Read on if you want to hear their predictions...


Sookie’s fairy godmother: In the first seconds of the clip, Sookie learns that she has a fairy godmother — and proceeds to take her to task for doing a terrible job as a protector. But the fairy godmother’s visible discomfort during their introduction seems to signal that’s she’s hiding something. Is she more than just a “godmother” to Sookie? How much does she realize about and how complicit is she in the fairy realm’s dark side?

Grandaddy: The fact that, when Sookie first lays eyes on him, he looks just like he did in her memory suggests that he may not be who she thinks he is at all. Also suspicious is the fact that he jumps through the portal with Sookie, despite the fact that he’s just been told he can’t travel between worlds (although it’s certainly possible that this is simply a selfless act of love). If he is who he says he is, will the journey kill him?

Queen Mab: The clip does a good job of characterizing Queen Mab — the fairy queen who first appeared in Mercutio’s crazy speech in Romeo and Juliet and soon popped up everywhere from Shelley’s poetry to Sense and Sensibility – as we know her from literature. A mischievous and theatrical “midwife” of dreams, she’s also know for wreaking havoc on entire populations. So, it should be pretty entertaining to watch her prepare for this human “harvest” she’s so fixated on.

Fairies and witches: It seems likely, based on this preview, that this season will feature a fairly elaborate fairy subplot. And in the Season 4 trailers we’ve already seen, a coven of witches will also be taking up residence in Bon Temps. What do fairies and witches have in common? Magic and an enemy — vampires. So, will they be friends or rivals?

At the end of last season, it seemed like Sookie was pretty much finished with vampires. But, besides the obvious reality that ending things with both Bill and Eric forever would be terrible for the show, it looks like the witch-and-fairy business will have her thrust back into bloodsucker drama before long. Still, it seems possible that she’ll spend much of the season under neither vampire’s power.

How about you, readers? What do you think will happen in Season 4, based on this preview of the premiere?

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