Monday, June 13, 2011

Breaking Dawn at Comic-Con

Who is going? I had planned to but after a major ticket purchasing malfunction, then my Real Life getting so busy I missed the Press Pass Application deadline... well.... I am not going thus far, unless more tickets are released and/or someone needs a buddy ;)

ANYWAYS, pretty much everyone I know is going... and they are in for a surprise...

While there was speculation Summit would release something Breaking Dawn, it looks like the speculation is true.

NY Times writes:
Among smaller studios, Lionsgate, which won strong results last year for “The Expendables,” will be back; and Summit Entertainment will stage a panel for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1.”


There will surely be much more... but as the article writes:

Comic-Con, which attracts about 130,000 people, usually doesn’t lock in its schedule of presentations until two weeks before the convention — a practice that keeps studio publicists on edge, as they struggle to wrangle stars for appearances in slots that remain at a premium.

I hope to be among those 130, 000 people... and hope to see some Big Bang Theory, True Blood, Twilight, Cowboys & Aliens (ok Olivia Wilde) and much much more.....

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