Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver Riots: Some Perspective

It really sickens me that the headlines around the world include the Vancouver Riots last night. I watched in horror last night as I saw downtown Vancouver get destroyed! Over what? A Hockey Game? Some think so, but having been downtown for Canucks Games and Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Games, I can assure you this was NOT about hockey!

This was about causing trouble. These people, "hooligans" if you will (though my term for them is far worse) went out looking for tourble.

Win or Lose these idiots were determined to cause trouble.
Looking at the footage it is mostly young, intoxicated men.... many seemingly prepared to start this kind of destruction. Who heads downtown with Canucks Jerseys, pepper spray and goggles? Who "happens to have" black scarves and bandana's with them?

I find the footage appauling. I am also disappointed in numerous media outlets who choose to focus on the bad and ignore the good. Today citizens of Vancouver worked together as a community to help clea-up the mess caused last night by a few troublemakers.

I am saddened that, like in many situations, a few bad eggs tarnish the reputation of so many good people from one of the most beautiful cities in the world! After such a high last year with the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, this kind of behaviour really takes a toll on those who live and work and play here!

I hope the world realizes that those "yahoo's" from last night, the ones that dominated our news casts, are NOT Canucks fans, they are NOT Vancouverites, they are NOT a true representation of who we are or what our city is!

In this day of social media, camera phones and citizen reporters, I am thankful for all the photos, footage and coverage, because it means the VPD can identify, capture and punish those who were involved. I feel bystanders should also be dealt with. Anyone with any brain at all would have got out of the downtown core after the game. Even slight delays in transit were rectified within the hour and anyone wandering downtown, just to watch, makes me sick and should be held equally responsible!

I hope parents, employers, people all over examine the footage and photos and if they see people they know - they turn their names over to the police and give the criminals a piece of their mind!!! Kick them out, Fire them, turn them over to the police!!

Those who looted, vandalized, destroyed property or committed acts of violence should suffer severely. Fines, criminal records, jail time, community service, the works!

I still can NOT believe this happened here! Though I shouldn't be surprised really...

  • 1994 Stanley Cup Finals, Canucks lost in Game 7 to the NY Rangers... there was a riot in the streets. (in 1993 Montreal rioted after winning the Stanley Cup... also, 2008 Montreal also rioted... after BEATING the Boston Bruins... ?!?! Also Montreal did in 1955 after a fight with... Boston Bruins...)
  • 2002 when GunsNRoses canceled their show a riot brokeout. (In 1992 Montreal had a riot when GunsNRoses & Metallica cut their show short)

The point is, Canadians are known for being nice and polite... but we sure do get crazy....

Canadians have the international reputation of being polite, courteous and, let’s face it, a little boring. However, we have civil disobedience coursing through our national veins as thick as maple syrup -- yes, Canada has a long (we won’t say proud) history of rioting. We’ve rioted over labour disputes, for social change and even over hockey -- a lot over hockey.
- Via Top 10 Canadian Riots

I was talking to my husband, who is American, about WHY Canadians riot... some ideas we came up with included:

  • Canadian Police are "too nice"
  • Canadians are not as "scared" of their government/consequences
  • Canadians have more "anarchists"
  • stronger beer

And why after hockey:

  • more men in their 20s out
  • more alcohol consumed
  • the sport is agressive and violent and hypes people up
  • people are passionate

What do you think?

I have no idea!!! We just discussed a number of possible reasons.... though there really is NO reason that makes it exusable or acceptable!

I mean, if we are going to riot why not over taxes? Elections? Mistreatments, injustices, some of the SERIOUS reasons other people riot!! Hockey? Not a reason... and it just allows the losers in the city to cause trouble and cast a dark shadow on the entire city!!

It is a sad day in Vancouver.

We lost a lot more than just the Stanley Cup!


Here are some photos from last night in Vancouver...

What started outside the arena, only a few blocks up by the Canada Post Office was a car fire.

Kids and families were caught inthe crowd at the start, but quickly headed home before things got worse

Friends of mine were at the Queen E Theatre a few blocks from Rogers Arena, for Wicked. Outside and across the street this car was burning! They were held inside afterwards because of the dangers of rioting outside.

Soon a path of destruction headed west hitting more cars and newspaper bozes and porta-potties. Flipping and burning.

This photo is so bizarre.... but I like it...



baldtomato said...

it was a pre-meditated, pre-planned, "organized crime" style terrorist attack on Vancouver, by people who had something against Vancouver and/or the Canucks to start with. See this very well written article

JulietLightwood said...

It makes me sad that there is always "bad apples" making a mess for others!! Also, anymore the media anymore loves to report just the sadness and none of the hope!! People like these "bad apples" get noticed for being negative and the ones who have a positive effect most the time get ignored!! Another thing is we have had enough issue with mother nature alone, then still find the need for more destruction!! I would love to have these "bad apples" switch places with someone who has had everything ripped away from them and, see how it feels to lose something! Sorry, for the long comment! O.o

Melissa Z. said...

Anarchists, Gangs and some moronic teenagers... DEFINITELY NOT "REAL" Canucks fans.

I hope this never happens again. But I do hope we get another chance at the Cup again!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!