Sunday, June 12, 2011

Teen Wolf Tyler Posey was considered for Jacob Black!?

Who checked out Teen Wolf on MTV? (Much Music if you are in Canda) I did and I have to admit, I kind of like it. I do think Tyler Posey has SOME resemblance to Taylor Lautner, but the fact that he was ALMOST Jacob Black shocked me... anyways - Hollywood Crush looks closer

Before landing the role of Scott McCall on MTV's new series "Teen Wolf," the 19-year-old Tyler Posey was considered for another hair-raising part: "The Twilight Saga"'s Jacob Black—a role that ultimately went to Taylor Lautner. But thanks to "Teen Wolf," Tyler too can fulfill his wolfpack destiny and buy a lot of Gillette Mach3s in the process.

Though Taylor and Tyler share many similarities—jaw-dropping abs, luscious dark locks, toned arms (okay, stay focused...)—they aren't exactly two of a kind. Here's how the 19-year-old lycanthropes stack up, on- and off-screen:

1. Famous co-stars
If your rom-com knowledge is as encyclopedic as ours, you likely remember Tyler as Ty, the cute son of maid Marisa Ventura, played by Jennifer Lopez, in the 2002 flick "Maid in Manhattan." Ty introduces his mom to a prestigious governor and romance ensues as class tensions arise..

We were also treated to an adorable tyke in 2005's "Cheaper by the Dozen 2," in which young Taylor played Eliot Murtaugh, a neighbor boy who dates Tom Baker's (Steve Martin) daughter, creating even more competition and angst between the two families.

2. Werewolf personas
Tyler's "Teen Wolf" alter ego rears his head whenever his aggression gets out of hand. However, as opposed to Taylor's full-blown shapeshift into a wolf, Tyler remains human-like in his transformation—we watch him play lacrosse, climb on houses and even fight evil in his half-human/half-wolf form.

3. Famous romances
A great leading man needs an equally awesome leading lady...right? Tyler and Taylor both have some well-known love interests to their names. Tyler recently revealed to Seventeen that his first kiss came courtesy of Miley Cyrus, and though Taylor can't remember exactly whom he shared his first smooch with (really, Taylor!?), he surely remembers that time he dated another Taylor—Taylor Swift.

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