Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Brother 13 Premiere - Live Posting

WARNING - spoilers, strong opinions and no editing or formatting until after the show.....

As houseguests get their keys we get to know a bit about them:

-Dominic seems like a bit of a playboy... except he lives with his momma. He says he is a virgin...
-Cassi is hot. Southern, tomboy, model?
-Lawon seems crazy and BRIGHT - sexually flexible
-Keith is a youth minister who chases girls? oh boy!
-Shelly is a hunter look like a lady, act like a man, work like a dog
-Adam is a metal rock guy with a feminine side - I like him. He is into 90210 and growling
-Kalia says she is Carrie from Sex in the City - gift of gab, we shall see... she loves sex.
-Porsche is a VIP waitress, she is hot and she KNOWS it - god! She says no one can one up her - I think Cassi will.

The silent reveal is always fun, as they size each other up.

First 4 to enter are Dominic, Lawon, Shelly and Porsche.
Then Cassi, Kalia, Keith and Adam entered.

They all be cray-cray when they enter - screaming, yelling, smiling... oh how soon those smiles will fade into the dramatic and entertaining screams, bitch faces and epic fights.

I really need to order live feed STAT - meant to this week but didn't, now price went up - ah well - worth it i think this season!

Mandy's Mind:

-Kalia why are you on Big Brother if you hate hair and sharing showers?
-Porsche, your personality and surgery do not make you a good person
-Dominic, I will watch you scrub the showers - topless
-For a minister you sure are horny Keith
-Cassi I respect you keeping your modelling a secret, you seem like you are NOT a bf stealer or narcissistic - unlike Porsche
-Porsche - no one will believe you are a student, you don't seem too bright especially when you think being a WAITRESS makes you too luxurious ha ha


-Keith and Porsche (Horny Keith asks her right away)
-Dominic & Adam (Dominic is asked by Adam and is scared to say no)
-Cassi and Shelly (Southern gals choose each other)
-Lawon and Kalia (by default)


-Brenchel - Brendon and this, they are so annoying but so damn entertaining
-Jeff & Jordan - which I knew would happen and was glad to hear because I LOVE THEM
-Evil Dick & Danielle - who "apparently" still do not talk


HoH - GOing Banana's - - - pairs hang on swinging giant banana's then chocolate syrup is dropped on them. The newbies start dropping like flies... it is down to Rachel, Dick and Danielle... they strike a deal and Rachel wins.


And to wrap up the show... the last twist...

The Golden Key

Basically, when you are nominated, you and your partner are nominated together. THEN - one of you is voted home and the other stays and gets a GOLDEN KEY... the golden key keeps you safe until Top 10 - you do not compete for HoH, you can not be nominated, you are basically safe... you CAN still vote.... then once Top 10 the game continues and you can compete again...


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