Friday, July 8, 2011

More Big Brother Spoilers - July 8 @ 10am PST

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Apparently, Evel Dick has NOT returned and the reason is he was DQ'd for posting a video that said he was returning to the house... I am not sure if this is true, but if it is it seems a tad harsh no?

Danielle was called into the diary room and it seems she now has a golden key. Not sure if evictions will still happen since Evel Dick is gone, but if they do it sounds like the house is ready to send Porsche home - thank god!

The live feeds went to the memory wall and Evel DIck's face is NOT grey yet - so MAYBE they did that to show viewers the rumours of him leaving are not true - or to throw us off? Who knows with BB13

As it stands, I posted last night, Keith and Porsche are nominated.

Also it is clear that the newbies vs the returnees is in full force.

Daniele admited she liked Brendon but not Rachel during their season. BUt they seemto be getting along well now. Rachel even talked to Daniele about the whole skype thing when Brendon cheated on her quite publicly LOL

OK more later

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