Friday, July 8, 2011

Rob with fans on Cosmopolis Set July 8 in Toronto

@Steve_s2001 - Robert Pattinson just signed autographs for around 60 fans @ 5am after wrappedfilming on Cosmopolis tonight. Robert Pattinson just left the set with Kristen in the car.
Rob must have signed & met with fans for over 10mins. He did it for everyone. Rob is the best!!!!
All the fans got in a giant line & Rob came to everyone. Incredible!!!!

@MrWill-W - Rob Pattinson signs a storm of autographs on last night out outdoor shoots for Cosmopolis. Kristen was in car

@offline82 - Kristen and Rob left in the same car. Kristen got in first while Rob signed for over 60 fans.. Thanks Rob!!
Rob was quite the decoy for Kristen to get into the car. I asked Kristen for an autograph she smiled but kindly moments of the night.. hearing Bear bark in Rob's trailer and ALL the fans saying "Hi Kristen" when Rob got into the car!!!

His strange hair cut is part of the movie - ha ha - it is hilarious to see him with it eh?

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I am loving his t-shirt - Shout out to TN woooo!

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