Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lenny Kravitz did not audition for role of Cinna in Hunger Games

Seems Lenny Kravitz was simply offered the job after his amazing role in Precious.

The Hunger Games fans still harboring doubts about Lenny Kravitz may be even more doubtful when they hear that he didn’t audition for the role. Details has posted a Q&A with Lenny in which he speaks very briefly about his casting:

“I honestly hadn’t heard of them before the director called me. I hope the fans don’t hate me for that. He had seen my work in Precious and called and offered me the part of Cinna, who is the stylist for the main character, Katniss. He saw how I played a caregiver in Precious and figured I might be good for Cinna. I didn’t have to audition, so I’m lucky.”

But, never fear fans.... Lenny is doing his research and is almost done Catching Fire:

MTV News caught up with Lenny Kravitz to talk about his upcoming album Black & White America and he confirmed that he’s finished ‘The Hunger Games’ and has started reading ‘Catching Fire’.

“When asked how he is preparing for what may end up being quite a dramatic scene in the movie’s sequel, Kravitz simply replied, “I’ll do it as best as I can.”"

See a clip of Lenny as the nurse in Precious HERE

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