Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sytycd canda - top 20

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SYTYCD Canada Season 4 Top 20 revealed tonight
I was out of town so I have not posted any of the other audition details, but if you are interested I can do that this week.

Tonight the Top 20 were revealed. If you do not want to know who made it yet, do not read on…. you have been warned.

Judges on hand included Mary Murphy, Tre Armstrong, Luther Brown, Blake McGratha nd of course, Jean Marc Genereux.

I was so sad to see some of my favourites go…. but excited to see some awesome, talented dancers make it.

Here are Canada’s Top 20 Dancers for this season:


JP Dube
Boneless - Dwayne Gulston
Christian Millette
Joey Arrigo
Adam LoPapa
Moses Layco
Francois Pruneau
Matthew Marr
Shane Simpson
Rodrigo Basurto
Kevin Howe

Cassandra Flammini
Teya Wild
Jordan Clark
Carlena Britch
Melissa Mitro
Geisha Chin
Shelaina Anderson
Denitsa Ikonomova
Yuliya Zavadska
Lindsay Leuschner
Lauren Lyn

No, your math is not off, they did a TOP 22 again!!!

There were some emotional rejections. Derek with green and purple mohawk cried and dropped to the ground. Snarky Jo called it “bologna” and acted “too cool” for the show.

Miss attitude Carlena sat alone in a room after her behaviour towards other dancers and production made judges question if she deserves to be in the Top 20. Of course she ended up making it, but I don’t think it is fair to see people act that way and be given this great opportunity. Then again, Shelaina Anderson had attitude in her early years of auditioning, then finally learned from her mistakes and made it last year… only to hurt her foot. But she too is being gien a chance this season, so let’s see how it goes for both of these seemingly reformed “brats”

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