Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kristen Stewart as Casey Anthony?

While I sat at the dentist today for my regular cleaning and check-up I tuned into CNN to follow the Casey Anthony story. I am still in shock she may walk free this week, despite my own thoughts she is as innocent as OJ Simpson.

Anyways, they were saying how she could make millions of dollars in book deals, interviews and even a movie.

I know there was a tweet about a possible tv movie being made here in Vancouver, but usually those movies cast no-names...

Anyhow, CNN was on and they flashed a photo of Kristen Stewart next to Casey Anthony, and I have to say, the similarities are uncanny. Also, Kristen Stewart would play the role very well I think.

Still, I am not holding my breath, I have a feeling the Casey Anthony story won't be a major motion picture and Kristen Stewart is likely a tad out of a tv movie's budget... who knows!


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