Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reality TV Updates - July 7, 2011

Big Brother

Started tonight, epic! This will be a great season. See my Premiere play-by-play here

Master Chef

I am loving the attitudes emerging. I am not a fan of Suzy, she is way too cocky. Still miss Max. I am hoping for some more interesting challenges soon. We will see.


Was shocked to see Ryan and Ricky in the bottom 3 couples, but was not shocked to see Ashley and Chris go home. My personal favourites are Ryan, Jess, Tadd, Melanie. It is still early, we shall see.


We got our Top 20 reveal this week. See results here. I am pretty excited about a few of these dancers, and a few I am indifferent about. We will see once they start performing. Learn more about each dancer here.

Hells Kitchen

Returns this month, I am so excited, I can't seem to get enough of Chef Ramsey, and he is really too nice on Masterchef.

Love in the Wild

I really love this show. I know it is silly, but it's fun. I was glad with who went home... no I can't think of their names, but surfer dude and plastic surgery stalker. I was sad to see some couples split but think that it will make the show more interesting since connections are being made and jealousy is going to kick in!


I saw tabloids while in Seattle for the 4th of July... Emily Maynard is split from Brad Womack, big surprise, and she is likely the next Bachelorette... man oh man, they should bring Bentley on HA HA! Also read that Ashley was spotted with JP - not sure if this means he was chosen or not, I hope not, I like him too much to see him with HER! Also read that Ashley is heart broken when the final man ends up having a girlfriend back home? Just tabloid reads, who knows how true they are.

This Monday, after a week off for 4th of July, we will see another episode of the Bachelorette as well as an interview Chris Harrison does with Emily regarding her break up with Brad. Maybe we will get an announcement that she will be the next Bachelorette - seems odd to do two in a row, usually there are more Bachelor's - we shall see.

Bachelor Pad

Season 2 casting has started up but not without controversy... Craig Robinson was sexually harassed by a female producer and will no longer be on the show.

We also discovered who was cast for season 2, but with 3 missing names, since they were still on this season. We now know two of those men are William Holman and Blake Julian. I had hoped for those two along with JP - but as it stands he may have "won" Ashley - booo!

The Voice

Well, I predicted Javier would win and he did. I really loved Beverly, Bicci and Xenia though.... season 2 is already in the works, though the rumour mill was high about which judges will return. Christina Agulieria, no surprise, was the diva most uncertain to return... but apparently all 4 have resigned yay! I do enjoy the show. They are going on a mini tour this summer.

Jersey Shore

August 4th the 4th season (Italy) will premiere, but in the meantime, the 5th season is being filmed at seaside. The latest is that Vinny was home sick and left the show for good. Who knows! This show is a guilty pleasure. I mean Big Brother is my obsession but this show - I hate it but I can't not watch it - - grrrr.... I just hate how these people can be rich and famous - - - for being idiots!

Undercover Boss

I watched this a lot to start, then stopped. I watched the Johnny ROckets one last week or the week before and really loved it. I think I am more interested in the ones where I know the company, or it is an interesting aspect of the job to watch.

Expedition Impossible

I had planned to not watch this but I did, and it was ok. Very much like Amazing Race, which is fine, but I stopped watching that a couple season ago after years of devotion. Now, it is more a background show as I blog or fold laundry. Sad eh? Maybe I am just jealous I can't travel to these places... or perhaps I just can't connect with the contestents anymore... it always seems the same "type-cast" though that could be said of any show I suppose. I was glad the Latin Persuasion went home, they were annoying and dumb. The Mom's weren't a big surprise to leave either.

Any Shows I am Missing?

Agree? Disagree with me? Please comment below!

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