Friday, August 5, 2011

#BB13 Updates August 5 - 11pm

We all know Kalia won HoH and her and Dani have been scheming ever since. If you do not wish to be spoiled, stop reading.... if you don't care click MORE below to see who Kalia nominated....


So, Kalia put up Jeff and Rachel, Rachel isthe target, but who knows what will happen with veto and the votes.

Of course whoever goes home will go against either Keith, Cassi, Dominic or Brendon (I think Dominic will get the most votes. There is NO WAY Keith will... Cassi would be nice but as long as it isn't Brendon I am good.

Honestly what if Rachel was evicted and Brendon voted back they would "Battle" (or should I saw cry, makeout, whine) then Bren would let herback in - - - nothing changes in the house...

At least if Cassi battled Rachel that would amazing. If Cassi beat Rachel and returned it would be OK - - - but more fun if they were both in the house.

If Dom returned it would be the best tv. No matter WHO went home.... Dani would have her boy toy back - which would make for a more interesting game, but also ruin Dani's game because she would lay in bed all day whining with him... ha ha!

It really depends on who is sent home this week - likely I will want them to return... but we will see.

If I was Kalia I would have put up two floaters... that way if they stayed or left it would not matter.

Veto players HAVE been chosen and veto could happen anytime between now and tomorrow a.m.

Then veto ceremony for live feeds is Monday and then we wait....

Stay Tuned!

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