Saturday, August 6, 2011

SWATH (Snow White and the Huntsman) Cast parents

I have to say when I first saw this photo loading I actually though it was Kristen, then an older version.... what fantastic casting eh? Unless she is cast as a step mother, that wouldn't make sense... she look too similar don't you agree?

"Please welcome Liberty Ross to the #SWATH cast as Snow White's mother," so Patel wrote on his Twitter, before adding in a following tweet, "Noah Huntley will play the King (aka Snow White's father) in #SWATH."

Huntley is known for his role in 2002's British horror movie "28 Days Later". He played Mark in the film, opposite Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris. Meanwhile, Ross is an English model who has recently been cast in Madonna's upcoming drama "W.E."

[Twitter Source via Source via TwiCrackAddict]

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